Just Me

I am a mother, a friend, a lover, a smile, a joker, a basket case, a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, and a writer.

I was born and raised in Southern California. I’ve lived all over it, but never outside of it. Now my time is split between the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire. I love both for their own reasons.

I have an obsession interest in movies. I am perfectly happy sitting around all day watching movies, eating food, and doing nothing else.

I love to dance around in my underwear, especially to songs like Love Shack and Dancing Queen. To be perfectly honest, if the song is right and the mood hits me, I’ll bust a move no matter where I am. I was shaking my ass in Quizno’s the other day. True story.

I obviously have little to no shame.

I like beer. And wine. And cigarettes. I can waste hours combining at least two of these things with good conversation.

I love photography. I’m hoping to upgrade my Canon Powershot to something with a lens.

This list is far from done. I’ll add to it as things hit me.

Things I Do, Have Done, Might Do

Visit Modern Mom Challenge

About this blog

I write for me. I write about anything and everything I want to write about. Sometimes I write about things you might not want to read. If that’s the case, then go somewhere else. This blog is NOT always happy or positive. Sometimes I’m not happy. Sometimes I’m not positive. And this blog will reflect that. If I say something you don’t agree with, then bye bye. You can let me know, sure, whatever but be prepared for me to respond to that. If you aren’t ready for that, then don’t let me know.

I write a few different series, I guess you can call them. They are ongoing themes here and I just wanted to say some things about them.

Things that are pissing me off

This one is easy. I started these posts because things piss me off, day to day. I mean, who doesn’t have that happen? I started writing them so that I didn’t have to explode on the people around me when I had all these things building up. Turns out I can be a real bitch. But writing these posts is always a good stress reliever for me.

How I hear it

My music is important to me. When I listen to music, it doesn’t just blur together in my head. Coming from a music background, I hear everything. Every word, every tone. I translate lyrics into my own meaning and the songs end up meaning something to me. This is where I translate those songs. An inside look into my brain and into my heart.

Things that need to be said

These posts are, and always will be cryptic. I can’t help that. Its the nature of the posts. Somethings are better left said without it being specified who they are about. I’m not a spiteful person. I don’t intend to be hurtful with these posts. Anything I say can be twisted into being hurtful sometimes, I know that. But believe this: if I really truely, deeply had a problem with someone, I would remove myself from their life. These posts are intended for me to be honest with myself. Sometimes I need to get something out, just for the simple fact that I need to get over it. And not everything in these posts is negative. Sometimes its flirty, sometimes its extremely loving, everytime it’s something that I need to say and I’m just not ready to say it straight out to that person. If you think I might be talking about you, then really think about WHY I would say that. Then ask me. I’ll tell you straight out.

I hope you enjoy yourself here. I hope you take my words for what they are intended to be. Say hi would ya?

(Because people think I’m cool or something)(Suckers)






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  2. Inland empire? what a cool name for a region… where in California is that?

  3. Loved your about me 🙂

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