Posted by: justmiss | May 18, 2009

If Ordinary equals Awesome

I feel just about as shitty as one should feel right now. See, I asked Elly to guest post for me and she wrote stuff and she took the time and I never posted it. I am SO blaming “the worst two weeks in April of my life ever” for my fuck up. So Elly, I apologize. You are kick ass and wonderful and I should have put this up a while ago. I sucketh.


The other day I had to admit to my work colleagues that yes, I was one of those geeks. Yes, I know how to use twitter. And yes I have a feedburner account and understand the difference between a ‘subscriber’ and a ‘reach’. Yes, I know that that second ‘S’ in ‘RSS’ is ‘Syndication’. And yes, I actually do HAVE a blog. That I update. Every weekday.

That probably doesn’t sound that geeky to you, my dear blog friends. You, after all, are reading the fabulous blog of Just Miss so you must on some level understand. But to them I might as well have been an alien with multiple heads. Didn’t I have a LIFE, they asked?

Now, I’m not really in any of the popular or acceptable niches. I’m not a Mommy Blogger, I don’t have kids.  I don’t bake, or have any kind of greenery skills so there aren’t any recipes or photos of my garden, and I’m just not fan enough to post about my tv loves and write fanfic or make fan videos. I don’t own my own home nor super care about the inside of it, so there aren’t any posts about decorating or organising or cute little rooms filled with cute little things. I don’t make cute crafty anythings, so there’s no arts and crafts, or pretty slightly askew photos of my creations that don’t exist.

I don’t post sex-toy reviews, or about my sex life (The Boy would probably not appreciate my telling the world how generous his private parts are). I don’t post about the mental illnesses I don’t have, and I (mostly) don’t post about how hard my life is, or have any tips on how to survive the recession, or what’s going on in the design/science/technology/political/fashion/music world.

That life that my work colleagues asked about? That life is what I post about. About my dog, and the great changes at work, and what I did with The Boy on the weekend. Cute projects and youTube videos that I found on the great big interwebs. Something stupid that my friend said, or how I’m a bit bummed that my sister bought the pair of shoes I wanted. And how I prefer Vitamin Water over Nutrient Water (that post got me a sample pack – hurrah for Vitamin Water!)

Perfectly ordinary and mostly insignificant (to anyone other than me) events and experiences.

So when Miss asked me about guest blogging, I thought she was a little mad is all.  Not only because I was as ordinary as ordinary could be, but because I’d just told her how using my wordpress design that I had offered as a birthday present was going to cost her money. I had expected a MUCH different outcome.

And then I got all proud that she’d asked me. And then the more I thought about it, I got all proud that I was one of those bloggers. The no niche, perfectly ordinary geek kind.  And about that time I stopped giving a shit that people at work think I’m a geek and I now have that weird stigma of (*gasp*) blogger!

So what, you know? Yesterday I walked one the account managers through how twitter works and now there are plans in the pipeline to use it as a media form in one of our brand campaigns. And guess who gets the credit for that? (Give you a hint, not the person whose brain couldn’t quite grasp the concept of ‘tweets’.)

So hell yes I’m blogging about the mostly insignificant perfectly ordinary stuff I do. And hell yes I’m proud about that, even if it comes with the geek title and the stigma. Blog on, I say!

Am I the only one out there like this? Are you proud of your blog and the perfectly ordinary things you post about?



  1. […] is my hood, bitch!’ way) about being a perfectly ordinary blogger. You can read it here, so give her (and me!) some love, okay? […]

  2. I loved this post. I sometimes feel that all my “stuff” is just ordinary, boring “stuff”, not a lot of drama, a bit here and there about my kids… a very ordinary suburban (yack!) life. I just posted pictures of 54 friggin’ hotdogs, for chrissakes!

    My husband has told a few people I’m going to a blogging conference in the summer.. and they look at me like I have 3 heads. And they don’t check out my blog! Like, they totally don’t get it (yeah, I should have been born in the valley).

    But that’s the fun of blogging. There ain’t nothing wrong with blogging about just you, all that you are, all that yourre not… it’s your place, your voice.

    And I like it ;).

    Kudos on the twitter plans, and you’re not a geek, after all, what would that make me?

    (Officially the longest “nothing” comment in the history of Miss’s comments….)

  3. I still get people looking at me funny that I blog.. or that I have been using twitter before twitter was the new black..

    Blogging has been the best and worst thing to ever happen to me…keep doing what you do.. it makes sense to you and that is all that matters!!

  4. I don’t understand so much about the guts of the internet, social media, have no idea what the difference is between subscriber and reach. Your post is enjoyable—thank you.

  5. I just had a conversation with our IT Manager about twitter. It went a little like this:

    ITman: “What the hell is up with all these people using twitter?”

    Me: “Uh, I use twitter.”

    ITman: “Why?”

    Me: “To tell my minions what to do.”

    ITman: “Gawd, is everybody on there stupid?”

    Me: “I’m thinking the guy who has a degree in Info Technology and can’t figure out how to use twitter might want to rethink that question.”

    The end.

  6. You make the “ordinary” into “extraordinary” by being creative, using your brain and laughing at your faults.

  7. i love this post.
    and hellz yeah…i LOVE my blog. and i LOVE justmiss’ blog. and i’m SO going to check out your non mommy, non sex toy, non sex, non issued blog. because, i have a hunch (dontcya just love that expression) that it rocks. hard.


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