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Boobilicious Bloghopping

Bloghoppers Baby!

Drunken bloghopping. How I have missed you. Jumping back on board with an excuse to drink and leave incoherent comments on people’s blogs, while exciting, also reminded me that I would need to post something. Revealing this issue on twitter only helped resolve it. (Seriously. Twitter. Better than google. People be helpful ya’ll!)

So here’s the story of two girls and their boobs. Honestly, I know for a fact that I don’t even need words here. That I should just throw up the bewbs and be done with it. But I’m not going to do that. Consider it like those pornos you hate, the ones with the shitty story lines. You know, the parts you fast forward.


I may not be smart enough to get into Harvard like some people, but my boobs are.

Wow so Twitter’s best idea was boobs. Actually, it was Kaiseralex’s idea. And then mah cracker Vdog casually mentioned that she owed me a guest post. To which I casually mentioned that she should just send me a picture of her fun bags and I would share some pics of my sweater puppies and be done with it.

She agreed.

And then she told all of twitter that she emailed me an obscene picture. You’d have thought someone threw a bucket of bloody meat into shark infested waters. Fucking cry babies. “waaaah how come Miss gets to see the pic and we dont?” Jesus. You all wanted to see it. So here.


Hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of computer mouses and laptop pads being right clicked at once.

 I know. I KNOW. They are impressive. I mean, are there even words? I’m having trouble myself. All I feel like doing is motor boating those babies.

Her husband is luckier than he knows.

Which makes it hard (that’s what HE said) for me to put up my next pic because um HELLO. My ta-ta’s ain’t nothing compared to hers. But I still had to take this pic when I realized how badly I should probably wear a tank top under this shirt when I went to work.


 Some VP’s might approve but I don’t condone that, least the VP’s from MY job. Others, yes.

Now let me tell you a secret. There are few things better in this world than cozying up to Vdog’s love pillows. At least for me. They are a great source of comfort and she fucking KNOWS it. If you are looking for me at BlogHer, this is where I’ll be:

 I almost passed out drunk here once and damn it, I will do it again. Also? Those are some happy mother fuckers. Can’t blame us!

What is left to say? Am I glad that the Weekend Bloghoppers was brought back to life? You bet your sweet gazongas I am! Happy Hoppin’!

Cheers bitches!

If you want in on the Bloghopping action, go here. (Poke around a bit. The rest of that blog is alright.)



  1. Blogger Hoppers forever! Impressive ta-tas, all of them. I’m hoping to meet the ‘Ladies’ in Chicago.


  2. This is my pre-drinking comment. I’ll make a point to come back later and leave a true bloghoppers comment. But while I’m sober I just want to thank you for quoting (yet not attributing) my whiny bitchass plea to see VDog’s obscene photo. Because I have no pride. And if I did, I surely don’t anymore. See you later, after a few glasses of wine.

  3. i’m not drunk yet. actually, tonight isn’t going to be a drunk bloghoppers night. so i can’t leave an obnoxious comment and blame it on the alcohol. dammit.

  4. when you said there would be boobs, i was not prepared for the pure joy this brought me. for serious.

  5. She DOES have nice gajangas.

  6. You do too!

  7. I got all yall’s beat. I still reign this boobtown.

  8. First pic is, um, ‘unholstered?’ and the second is DUH-RUNK. EHBEH.

    @jessie PROVE IT. 😛

  9. Miss Vdog, you just came to a battle you cant win my friend. READ EM AND WEEP!


    11 of 365

    my huge boobs modeling a scarf

    All about the Ez- E’s baby

  10. I’m all a-twitter.

  11. *looks down at my ladies and sighs with disappointment*

    Well, I can’t nearly compete here, but I AM glad to have Blog Hopped on by!

  12. Oh sweet mother of gawd…

    I am bookmarking this page to return often.

  13. damn jessie! my lil’ potatoes are put to shame!

  14. Um, nice to meet you ladies, er, I guess.


    I suddenly feel inadequate. Wait, I’m over it. Never mind.

    Happy Bloghopping!

  15. I didn’t read a word.




  16. *snort* Awesome.
    Both of yous.
    Love that V used unholstered. 😀

  17. Talk about throwing the bloghopping gauntlet down ;).

    Hope you gals don’t mind some little titty girls hanging with you in Chicago. I mean, the only time I even remotely approached half of that hotness in the bewbs department was when I was preggars or nursing.

    And I sure AIN’T going there again anytime soon.

    So green, I am, and it’s not just the liquor talkin’

    happy bloghoppin, hon 🙂 We’ll drink for real in July, make room for me in that hug…

  18. I can’t wait to nuzzle on some boobies at BlogHer. That’s pretty much why I’m going.


    I can’t wait to kiss you.

  20. Ummm, your ta-tas are quite lovely. I’m not just sayin that because I’m drunk. Maybe I am, but I’d be still thinking it sober. Happy Blog Hopping and see ya in Chicago.

  21. Hahahaha. Don’t sell yourself short! You have quite a nice rack too. I just threatened to email photos of my boobs to anyone who missed being flashed while I was breastfeeding my two kids for like forever. I had no idea I was in such good company

  22. Boing!

  23. now where did that confounded flashdrive go??

  24. “Motor boat those babies”…HA! Love it!


  25. OK, now that I’ve had a few drinks – HOLY SHIT THOSE ARE SOME FINE BOOBS ON YOU TWO! Rack of lamb? Fuck that shit – I want a rack of THAT!

    OK, now for more beer and bloghopping.

  26. Dry Blog Hoppin’ Only way I do it.

    Let’s me laugh at y’all easier (drunk people are funny).

    Besides, I’d shame you all. 🙂

  27. I admit it, your bewbs? make me change lanes just a little.

  28. @jessie I’m rawkin’ 36G’s baby. Read THAT and weep.

    However, neither of us can beat @KaiserCracker because she OFFICIALLY earned the title, ‘Biggest Boobs in Blogdom.’ (It’s true, she has a button and everything.)
    Homegurl rawks like a redonk J cup or some shit.

    your gurl in extra large boobdom,

  29. umm, my bewbs are bigger.

    but VDog is the shit.

    as are you.

    and i am jealous cause her’s prolly photography better than mine.

    but perhaps i’ll try if challenged 😉

    Happy Bloghoppin’ 🙂

  30. heheheheh boobies.

  31. I llove your bewbs. Also, you are pretty funniez. 🙂 HAHAH

    :; cheers bloghopper! ::


    Now THAT makes me feel welcome in a hangout.

    PS: I totally got emailed those tits days ago. BAHAHAHAHA!

    Aaaaaand, bloghopping on….

  33. Now this was a fun post! I’m liking the VP shot though… wish I could pull that off! Not enough balls here though… *ka-ching!

  34. I haven’t been around in a while, but darlin, I have missed you. And your boobs.

  35. Yeah…yeah…yeah…well…I RUBBED MINE ON A COP’S FUCKING FACE! You can all shut your WHORE MOUTHS now!

    Good lord I love the internets.

  36. holy friggin crap! nice boobs

  37. Dude. You guys did the bloghopping thing and nobody emailed me. Oy. Nice pictures…I mean, post.

  38. I’m still catching up! I’m so bummed I missed most of the blog hopping 😦

    Those were some great times!

    And everyone’s bewbs?

    JEALOUS! 🙂


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