Posted by: justmiss | April 15, 2009

“We were on a BREAK!!”

Tell me you did not just hear Ross in your head.

Ever hear that phrase “sick and tired of being sick and tired”? That is so me right about now. I’m so tired. I am worn down emotionally. It’s a culmination of things that have been building up inside of me and I just need to slow down. Steps need to be taken backwards and things are in the process of being re-evaluated. Hopefully they are for good, not bad, and I hold tight the hope that I won’t end up losing something uniquely important to me when all is said and done.

Whenever things in my real life feel like they are crashing or sliding, all my inspiration goes with it. I know that if I open this blog up and start spilling words onto these pages, I’ll end up saying something I really shouldn’t. I don’t have much of a problem being a bitch, I really don’t. But I refuse to make insinuations and assumptions that could hurt someone that I love so it’s best that I take steps back.

But, never fear. I’ve called in some favors and I have some really excellent guest posters coming up. I know everyone says that, and then their stats drop, and no one visits because guest posters are like STUPID, but not here. I wouldn’t post crap on my blog, unless its my own crap. And you read THAT.

I’ll stick my head in occasionally and make sure these guest posters aren’t tearing up the place. They be some crazy ass bitches.

If you’d be interested in guest posting, just let me know. I mean you read here, you can’t suck all that much.

I’ll be back once every day doesn’t feel like a mind fuck. Plus you know, you can see me curse on twitter if you’re into that sort of thing.




  1. Bummer. But I know the feeling. I’ve been slacking off because I feel like I’m living on Total Drama Island, myself.

  2. I shall miss you my dear! I hope you get everything all straightened up soon, just for the sake of your own sanity (I’m pretty sure *I* am beyond help on that one 😉 )

    Here if you need a should and an ear…

    love ya!

  3. I totally heard Ross. And I’ve totally used that line.

    I hope the break brings…a break.

  4. enjoy your blogging break. I so heard Ross.


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