Posted by: justmiss | April 6, 2009

The tale of the bloody metal door thingy

Two things about me, to start.

One? I am very easily distracted.

Two? I think that I am ok in a crisis.

That said, tonight I made one of these statements true, and the other really, really false.

Since I was out of the house all weekend with friends, when I got home, the first thing my dad asked was if the hamster was alive. This happens most any day after I am not home for the night. It’s like my dad’s thing. I always say yes, even without checking. My eyes always scan the cage when I walk in the room and if I don’t see her lifeless body, I consider it a win. I did just that today when I got home then I went to finish watching the Dodgers blow out the Padres on their opening day. *ahem* Then we watched CSI (boo WTF) and in between that and a new Ghost Hunters episode, I went to get my laundry to start. For whatever reason, I decided to try to wake up the hamster while I was getting my laundry ready. I went to the cage and opened the door and heard a little scream.

Her little itty bitty foot was stuck in the joint of the door.

[insert me freaking out here]

I probably scared my mom half to death when I ran out of the room, half way into the kitchen and yelled “HAMMY’S FOOT IS STUCK IN THE DOOR OH MY GOD!!!!” and ran back to my room.

Heh. Yea. That’s me handling a crisis well.

Of course my mom is cool and collected as she gently helped unstick the hamsters tiny little itty bitty leg, which, I might add, was all bloody and raw.


I SO did not take a picture of her stuck. I’m not pure evil. But this is where it happened.

So I threw on a pair of thick socks, ON MY HANDS, and picked her up. Hell NO I wasn’t going to let the little bitch bite me. Been there, done that. I held her while my mom cleaned her little leg up. This hamster is very vocal and always has been and she makes this creepy ass noise when she’s pissed. Which was a clear indication that she was probably ok.

Either way, I cleaned her cage while my mom held her and freaked out all the other animals residing here. Especially the white dog. She flips for the hamster. We had a bad thunderstorm and I happened to be uh, out and the dog came in my room, jumped on the bed, and knocked the hamster cage OVER. She is obsessed with the little critter. Annoyingly so.

Did I mention my mom held the hamster in that tupperwear there?

I honestly have no clue how she ended up stuck. Or how long she had been there. She’s running around and such, but dragging the stuck leg behind her. It’s creepy as hell. I hope she doesn’t die because I so don’t want to have that conversation with my kid. We had a rabbit once who’s leg basically broke in half and it died. That was traumatizing.

Maybe I shouldn’t have small pets.

Not dead. She was actually in this position cleaning her little wound. Poor dear.



  1. You and Mr Lady should have a talk.

  2. LMAO, you little drama queen you! (Not that I’m judging you or anything, but I so totally am.) (Yeah, you know I’da done the same thing.) Your mom is a total bad ass for braving the hamster blood. Gross.

    PS: This post now on my list of Most Favoritest Things Miss Has Ever Written.

  3. Poor little thing!

  4. Awh, poor baby! Hope she’s okay now! How long was she stuck? Was she crying? Didn’t anyone hear her? I’m being a nosey beotch aren’t I? Okay, i’ll shut up now…

  5. I saw these on flickr and now I know what the story is.. poor little creature..

  6. I’ve sworn off hamsters, but had some when I was younger. One of mine apparently went NUTS on the other and basically ripped it to shreds. True story.

  7. Oh my god, see this is why I do birds. They bounce and fly and shit and wont get all stuck in things. This is the saddest hamster story ever. And I love that her name is Hammy! And that you screamed when she was hurt!

  8. And for all that… you probably STILL handled it much better than I would have *shudders*

  9. Oh dear god, I thought the hamster was dead in the last picture! Thank goodness the poor thing was just licking it’s wounds.

  10. Haha, I love the way the dog is super focused on the tupperwear container! And how the cat is so nonchalant in pretending she really doesn’t care, but she totally does!

    And oh the photo of the cage door is so totally gruesome! Your poor little hamster – I totally understand why you freaked out. Yay for mothers, yeah? šŸ™‚

  11. Oh, freaking yipes! šŸ˜¦
    I hope your Hammy gets all better soon!

  12. Poor baby. Poor you! Pet parent guilt is nearly as bad as parent guilt. I hope Hammy feels better soon!

  13. hamsters. *shudder*

    you want my rat dogs?

  14. Obv I shouldn’t have pets either because that picture with the little tiny bit of blood there? almost made me hurl.
    hope you’re both on the mend soon.

  15. Awww poor little rat cousin.

  16. I’m not really into hamsters,but that little one is quite a cutie, I must say…

  17. […] (super) honest and generally cuts right to the chase. She blogs about Boobs, and her post about her poor hamster cracked me up no end (it shouldn’t have, really, but it did. That’s just how Just Miss […]


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