Posted by: justmiss | April 1, 2009

A tickle? Or a prick? (It’s neither actually)

Wow. April already huh?

What do you say we start this month off with a bang? Or, more specifically, a solo bang?

(How do you feel about that euphemism? I’m not that big a fan but I’m still using it.)

Since I’ve been flying solo for quite some time, I’m a little hard up. The right combination of words, thoughts, a few images of a hot guy and you can consider me done for the night. Safe to say it’s not taking much these days.

Put into play my collection of toys and what nots? You can find me with a smile on my face most nights.

Enter The Prickler, front and center.

pypicMy new best friend

I’ve never played with glass before. It was kind of intimidating. Then why did you pick it Miss? Well because Miss likes a challenge, that’s why. And I like to be able to say I at least tried it. And tried it I have.

The thing about this glass dildo is that it has given me a different experience each time I’ve used it. The first time was amazing. I highly enjoyed how cold the glass felt and how smoothly it slid in. It warmed up very quickly and the raised nubs on the end rubbed perfectly on the now not so infamous g spot.

The second time, I wasn’t as successful but I wasn’t quite ready to blame the Prickler just yet. I just needed a bit more practice and patience and time and soon it was hard to choose anything else to get myself off.

Just to be thorough, I went ahead and jumped in the shower before writing this, just to allow the Prickler to make it’s final impression before I wrote this review. And I hadn’t used it in the shower yet! So bonus. While doing the necessary things one does in the shower, I recalled some fantastic memories of showers past. And I don’t mean the solo kind. (Think me on my back, one leg thrown over the edge of the tub, the other leg thrown over his shoulder, hips off the bottom of the tub… and once he’s done, hearing that satisfying crack of his knee caps as he stands up… Yup, that and the recall of that soft skin… that’ll do it every time.) By the time I was ready to play, I was ready to play. Let me tell you… hot water. Pyrex glass dildo. The sliding. The steam. All these elements added up to an almost perfect orgasm.

If any of this has peaked your, uh interest, I suggest you hustle over to Eden Fantasys and pick one of these beauties up. For $30.99, why wouldn’t you? That’s like the cost of a blueray DVD, or whatever crazy newfangled things you kids are into these days. Just go. Believe me, I would not lead you in the wrong direction, especially when it comes to sex and toys. That’s the stuff in life I take seriously.

Priorities kids. Priorities.



  1. Dang … I think I needs me one of those! My Mr. Goodvibe just ain’t … um … doing it these days and you know how dang hard up I am!!!!!

  2. I wouldn’t fancy trying to find my g-spot with that bad boy, is it shitter proof?

  3. “and once he’s done, hearing that satisfying crack of his knee caps as he stands up”

    That sentence is probably my favorite thing I have read in several days. I love it.

  4. Well well…I SURE would LOVE to review me a toy…

    and to think the only pyrex I own is in the kitchen..shaking mah head….shame on me!

  5. Okay, you almost sold me on that one.

    Like Kelly, the knee crack was what really did it. I love the knee crack.

  6. I’m getting a similar one because I am so intrigued by the idea of glass!

    And seriously, I didnt know that that’s how you’re supposed to do it in the shower. I been doing it wrong all this time! Must hijack your idea…

  7. oooooh glass!!! very interesting, you might just convince me on this. it looks like one of those thingies you use for labs though.. what are those things called *hold while I Google* pipet? LOL

  8. Oh my gosh, the whole glass thing, um, ack?

  9. Sweet. Very reasonable price for glass! Probably factory made though?
    Hooray for awesome orgasms! 😛

  10. wow. even with your, um, convincing review, the idea of glass still scares me!

  11. Great. Now I need to go take a shower. A cold one.

  12. Is that double sided? Because that would make it just an even better buy.

  13. I’m pretty damn sure I have a g spot, it hasn’t been “discovered” in so long though, that it may have disappeared.

    I think I needed one of those… yesterday.

  14. Quite a review. And your writing?

    Yup. I need a cold shower now.

  15. Oooh, that sounds exciting! I might need to try it now.

  16. i love glass!

  17. Hmmm, and I’m a schmuck reviewing cleaning products… can’t wait until I’m graduate to the big time :).

    Sounds lovely, and for some reason, the word “Prickler” tickles my funny bones….


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