Posted by: justmiss | March 15, 2009

27 Wishes

Since it is my birthday on Thursday, I’m assaulting you with a bullet list. Because I can. If you don’t like it, get the fuck on.

Last year, my birthday? Yea, it kinda sucked. I’m not trying to insult anyone I may have recently gotten out of a relationship with but that guy? Never bought me a present. He bought me things if we happened to be in the store together and I was going to buy it for myself anyways. But the “hey baby! Look what I bought you, all on my own, with no prompting or hint dropping from you!” stuff? Never happened. He bought me flowers once. In 3 years. He TRIED.


And the ex? He bought me cop out presents. Don’t you know what cop out presents are? When you know someone likes something because well, they are super obvious, and you buy them whatever goes with that. Like my ex would buy me random DVDs because he knew I liked movies. But never things I might actually WANT to see. Or shoes. He would buy me UGLY ass shoes. Or perfume. That he would like. That I would hate. Cop out presents are, at times, necessary but not for people you are in a relationship or close friends with.

I am, or I try to be, cash permitting, a thoughtful gift giver. I’m going after something I think you will really enjoy with a little flair you know? Once I gave someone the gift of his video game subscription, a game, 3 seasons of our favorite TV show, and clothes I know he needed. Not only are we talking cash dropping, but they were all things that made him feel good. Or I go with original, you cant just buy this at any department store type stuff. Such as making things that might mean something to you, or having them made because it represents something you enjoy. I’m a planner. I plan birthdays like they are huge events for people I care about.

Because I think that’s how it should be. Especially as we get older. When we are young, birthdays are a big deal but as you get older… people forget easier. Or it’s less of a big deal to them. I’m just from the school of thought that if you care for someone, you should do something, anything, to make them feel a little more special on their birthday.

So without further ado, here are some things that can be done for me to make me feel like you love me long time. I’m practically giving myself away here people.

  • A surprise. In any way, shape, or form. I’ll take any form. Something I would never expect you to do.
  • Call me. I LOVE birthday calls. The lovely Redlotusmama and the Princess called the Kid on his birthday and left a delightful message. I still listen to it and it cheers me up. Sing me happy birthday or tell me how much you love me and that you hope I have a wonderful day. That would kick ass so damn much.
  • A nudie-gram (oh! taken care of)
  • A hoodie with a beer holding pouch sewn into it. Because who DOESN’T need one of these?
  • Concert tickets. Rascal Flatts, Vanessa Carlton, No Doubt, Deathcab for Cutie, All American Rejects… I could keep going.
  • Renew anything I pay for, such as Picnik or Flickr (oh she’s getting that for me), or like buy me a domain or something else equally techy and nerdy.
  • Blog design. Works along those lines of techy and nerdy stuff.
  • iTunes gift cards – combining music and lappy = LOVE.
  • Anything related to photography. She is getting me a new camera bag for my shiny new camera so that totally rocks. Snapfish prints, photog subscriptions, crap like that gives me a boner.
  • I like chocolate. Especially dark chocolate.
  • Show me you made an effort. If you couldn’t really do something, but you show intent, that means the world to me. If you say you’re going to try, please do.
  • Shoutouts. Holy crap I love birthday shoutouts. I will lick you. If you’re into that kinda thing.
  • Buy me coffee/lunch/dinner/cupcakes whatever. Food is one of the quickest ways to my heart. My cousin asked me what I was doing for my birthday and after he saw my shrug, he said “well we are going to dinner then”. And that’s another reason I love him.
  • Alcohol. Buy me a beer and I’ll be a happy girl.
  • I like balloons too. They are so pretty.

I don’t want you all to think that I’m all demandy and stuff. But it IS my birthday. I’m going to act spoiled because I can. And I’m pretty much a bitch like that.And I”m realistic and know that 90% of this stuff will never happen. It’s cool, thats why they are WISHES, ASSHOLE.

And it does kinda suck when people ask you “so what are you doing for your birthday?” and you get this blank stare on your face and start mumbling and basically say “uh, well, nothing”. (It’s happened about 3 times in the last 4 days) But I don’t really have to say that anymore! On Wednesday night, my Work BFF Flo is taking me to see Gino Matteo & The Family Phunk which is a cool bluesy jazz band at a hip wine bar. (I don’t know how hip it is, I’m bullshitting) Plus she’s trying to hook up with the drummer so I’m all about watching my friend hook up the night before MY birthday. *ahem* Then after work on Thursday, I’m heading to Disneyland with my parents (I rock HARD like that) to get my birthday gift card thingamabobber and then dinner with my cousin. Anyone who wants to join any of those nights is more than welcome!

So 27. Might not suck as hard as 26. Even though, I am all about sucking hard. Or is that rocking hard? Maybe both?

Guess I’ll find out.



  1. Oh my god, you’re only 26?

    When you graduated elementary school, I graduated high school.

    I’m going to go dye the grey out of my hair now.

  2. You don’t look old enough to be turning 27 😛

    That is a compliment. You’re gorgeous!

  3. i like the way you look at birthdays — both your own and others.

    and your list rocks.

  4. Happy birthday kiddo. I can say that, as someone who has 40 creeping up on him….

    For your birthday I’ll just sit here and lust after you in a creepy, dirty-old-man sort of way. 😉

  5. I hate cop out presents… I too try to take gift giving seriously and think about the person.

    Happy early Birthday.

  6. I’m all about the serious thought to a gift. Cop outs suck. Sorry I do not have any cool ideas to send you for your birthday so instead I will offer this. You come to Orlando and I will take you to a ball game. It’s American League chump DH shit, but it’s a ball game and I’ll buy you a dog and a beer. Last year I went to the World Fucking Series with an extra ticket in my pocket. I couldn’t give the damn thing away. Oh and you can stay with us too, even in the bed with the misses and I’ll leave you two be. Of course, that’s up to you two to work out.

  7. Can I make you a header for your blog?

  8. Mr. Lady’s comment really made me laugh.

    I hope that you have a very, very happy birthday =)

  9. Hey that’s the same list as mine! Well, the alcohol part at least. Happy almost birthday!

  10. If you really did want a redesign – I’d be keen to do one for you. I did my wordpress blog from scratch (though, I’m a little lazy and it doesn’t look as snazzy in ie or firefox as it does in chrome/safari, but as a present I’d make sure all the boxes line up proper) 🙂

    Let me know if your keen?

  11. Loved the list, although I hate that you’re 10 years younger than me. Ugh.

    I’m poor and cheap, so if a shout-out’s what you want? You’ve got it!

    Love, Mama Fear

  12. Happy Birthday, love! Mwah!

  13. Don’tcha make ME feel old…?

    I suppose I’ll get over it. The next time you head up my way I’ll make you some margarita cupcakes (because I like to mix my 2 favorite things-desserts and drinkin’) And as somebody who celebrates her birthday all month long, you’re allowed to say/do whatever you want. It’s your birthday!

  14. ♫ happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! you look like a monkey! and you smell like one too! ♫

    Are you as excited to turn 27 as me? I feel like I’ll finally be a real grown up. Do you feel like a real grown up yet? huh? huh? do ya? do ya?

  15. Happy Birthday!!!
    You are so totally young, girlfriend!
    That link was interesting cuz I had wondered, “why ‘just’ Miss”? and now I know.
    Cop-out presents are indeed weak.
    I will have to get you some dark chocolate whenever I get down to SoCal. 😛

  16. How impressed are you that I remembered that today’s your birthday? Huh? Impressed?

    (I am).


  17. Happy birthday! I came here all prepared to send you a nudiegram, but you already have one. Ah well.

  18. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic, many beer day – or night. Whatever. In this case, it’s the quantity that counts, right?

  19. Okay, THIS TIME it’s actually your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  20. […] should all head over to her house, wish her a happy birthday and bring a her a six-pack of New Castle while you’re at […]

  21. Happy Birthday dear friend!! ❤

    Hope you had a fantastic time last night and I’m ready to see the picture of the shirt! 🙂

  22. Sorry about that nudiegram, eh? Does a picture of my boobs work? Oh wait. I already did that. Shit.


    And, um…done. 😉

  24. Happy, happy! Hope you got balloons AND beer!

  25. Have a rawking birthday that doesn’t suck!

  26. Happy Birthday hon, and come Chicago I am buying you that belated beer :).

    And BTW, 27 was an AMAZING year for me, and I hope the same for you. Yeah, I know, it’s a miracle that I still remember what life was like at 27 har-har-har….


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