Posted by: justmiss | March 2, 2009

And why the hell shouldn’t I?

Talk about sex that is…

Let’s face facts here. I’m no mommy blogger. I post about my kid what? Every few weeks? I love the little booger but he’s going to be 8 in 5 days. (HOLY FUCK. 8!!!!) By 8, the whole cute blogging stories have begun to wear off, leaving me with a whole lot of “let me tell you how my kid almost got kicked out of class today” stories. Would tend to get wearing after a bit no? The whole “oh! I’m a mommy blogger! Lookitmykids!” stories are primed mostly for those of you who have kids that are still cute. Prime ages? 2-5. After that? Unless your kid is some kind of chick magnet, you’ve got to let the writing carry you. Scary, I KNOW!

Now, don’t get worked up. I’ll still write about the kid for as long as he grants me tax write offs at least. (That’s not why you had kids? Parenting, I’m doing it wrong) Hopefully I’ll churn out at least another one sometime, eventually, like whenever, and then I can get all mommy blogger-y on you but until then, I’m going to do what I said I was going to do.

Get real.

I’m single. I’m ready to mingle. I ain’t getting any but, as it’s been suggested, my bedroom is turning into a Den of Sin. Know how cool that is? All I need is a mirror on my ceiling! But I guess that plan should be put on hold, at least until I get my own place. Don’t quite think my parents would understand the need for that. Especially with no man in my bed. (But still… the view’s gotta be good, man or no.)

So I did my first sex toy review. Made some of you blush (yea fuckin’ RIGHT). Won a fucking SWEET contest. (seriously? GO. GET. ONE.) Got sent a vibrator from a good friend. (Because good friends send each other vibrators. What kind of friends do YOU have?) And I have another review coming up shortly. I wont get started on my underwear. I will say though, that some pairs are missing, erm, essential parts.

Moving on…

About that vibrator. My friend Melissa was looking for some reviewers and contributors for her new, and awesome website You Wont Go Blind and so I thought, why the hell not? People tend to respond well to the thought of me touching myself. Hell, my first dildo review is the second highest viewed post on this little ole blog of mine. Only to be surpassed by this one, which… yea. I know he’s I’m adorable in that post. That’s why everyone likes that one… right? *sigh* The power of Busydad surpasses sex toys any day I suppose. But that’s ya’lls thing since WordPress doesn’t count my own visits. *snicker*

You Wont Go Blind. Back to the point. The review I wrote for The Pleasure Bullet is up over there. So go check it out. And then go shop for sex toys. Because it’s fun.

Also? Know what makes me even a little more awesome than I already am? I got linked up over at The Best Sex Bloggers. To some, its prestigious to be recognized by parenting websites and what not. Which it IS. Don’t get me wrong. I’m super stoked for my friends when that happens. But for me, since my hopes and dreams of mommy blogging fame have flown out the proverbial blogging window as of late, this is pretty fucking cool.

So there it is. Like it or not, this is the road I’m on.

Hopefully you stick around, for the crash at the end at the very least.



  1. When are you going to write about the missing parts of your underwear, because I’d like to know what parts are missing!

  2. I am telling you … you can partner up with that old biddy that talks about sex! Girl, write away about sex … if only I could be open enough to, but well, I am a mommy blogger! *rolling my eyes* xoxox

    • My favorite kind of mommy blogger!!

  3. Did they get lost in the dryer? Are there little gnomes running around with missing underwear bits, like the eternal missing socks? I think we need to get down and dirty with this mystery. Preferably in a van. (maybe by a river, or something)

    • There is a HUGE river in Chicago. I’m just sayin’….

  4. Ooh. Special underwear. ^__^
    Congrats on the award! 😀
    & on having such great friends!

  5. What kid?

  6. I love you.

  7. why shouldn’t you indeed? LOL. Everybody who’s not doing it, wants to.
    (I need to know who – or what – I need to screw to get a free vibrator…ahahah)

  8. very interesting indeed. Read your review also and all I can say is wow i want one! LOL

  9. One of the best sex bloggers, eh?

    If you put that mirror on your ceiling, does it catapult you to the top of the list?

  10. Pledge Multi-Surface Wipes wants me to blog for them. The power of whom surpassing what? Not for long. Unless you’re into cleaning various surfaces in your home.

  11. Only if you can promise a happy ending…


  12. way to go! its good to know what you’re good at. i[m going to the other blog to check it out!

  13. I like what you write about…and even if you wanted to write about kids being kicked out of school, I’d still read that too 🙂 Just sayin.

  14. I do love it, so much, and you got me started. And you were right about the box, oh but I had to buy a bigger box today.

    Thank you

  15. the “den of sin” kills me!!!
    i LOVE your little review. and it didn’t make me blush…the 2nd time i read it 🙂

  16. woot? woot?? woot????
    sure thing… will do the “sacrifice” of reading your sex blog!

  17. Congrats to you, girl!!!

  18. late to the party, as usual, but just had to add:

    you GO, girl! the kids grow up but sex toys are forever!


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