Posted by: justmiss | February 8, 2009

Weekly Winners [Feb1/Feb7]

From my desk…

Stormy Days

Go visit the beautiful Lotus for more Weekly Winners.




  1. Lovin them all, especially the sky. Just wow.

  2. ha-ha-ha! I love Dilbert.

  3. I love Pokey and Gumby! Fun shots.

  4. That second shot is gorgeous!

  5. I love the sickly orange barf glow sunset.

  6. The last photo wins. That is all.

  7. I love the perspective on these. I also love the bold colors. All awesome.

  8. Oh I love these!

  9. This is kinda crazy, but my daughter and I just made a play-doh Gumby today! 🙂

    Love these shots.

  10. Pretty skies.
    & ooh, you got the pink crackberry. I thought it was too frosty for me & got the silver one…
    BUT, I have a purple/blue flowered case on the way. Will have to photo when it arrives, lol. ;p

  11. You’ve got a great eye, do you know that? Fantastic!


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