Posted by: justmiss | February 1, 2009

Weekly Winners [Jan25/Jan31]

Smart Choclolate

My boy

Here is our 2 Girls ~ 2 Clicks project for the week.

Fallen – Hers and then mine

Visit the beautiful Lotus for more Weekly Winners



  1. Great job, Miss; now I want smart chocolate!

  2. great pics. love the fallen ones.

  3. Awesome!!
    Love the promises and the 2 clicks!!

    So fun!

  4. These are gorgeous. I love that sky!

  5. Your sky pics are always breathtaking.

  6. Nice set~!

  7. I said the same thing to Lotus yesterday about her glass bricks shot that I’m about to say to you about that sky shot – it should totally be a canvas print, stretched over wood (unframed) and hung just so on the wall. Like a window. It’s an *awesome* shot.

  8. That first shot beautiful! I still love the 2 clicks series! That is awesome.

  9. Great set this week! My fave is the sky one. ♥ the smart chocolate’s~now I want chocolate 😉 Your son is cute & ♥ the perspective in both fallen pics 🙂

  10. Is it wrong I want to lick the wrapper?

    They’re like fortune chocolates. Way better than to cookies!

    GReat shots 🙂

  11. The Dove chocolate wrappers could tty be Room 704 taglines too! sweet!


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