Posted by: justmiss | January 18, 2009

Weekly Winners [Jan11/Jan17]

Favorite 365 of the Week – 34/365 Lethal

2 Girls ~ 2 Clicks

Little Cooks – Hers, then mine.

Go see the lovely Lotus for more Weekly Winners.



  1. That third one is great. The expression on her face is just so accepting!

  2. Sweet pictures! I’m a sucker for sleeping ones too… he looks so cute there!

  3. Lethal is totally my favorite, too. Also, you have a shockingly attractive neck. Just sayin.

  4. That second one is just TOO CUTE!

  5. great shots 🙂

  6. Oh dear … my eyes are so swollen from all of the crying. Nice shots!

  7. Lethal. Awesome. Can you please teach me to take bathroom mirror pics without a flash that are that crisp?

    And yah, that boy needs a baby sister, yo.

  8. Great pics this week. My fave is the 3rd one~♥ her expression.

  9. Such great shots! I love the lethal shot and think it looks hot, but it reminded me of a conversation I had when I was in Japan and was asked why women here sometimes wear chopsticks in their hair. 😉 You are cute enough to pull it off.


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