Posted by: justmiss | January 10, 2009

Weekly Winners [Jan04/Jan10]

Doing Science

I have too much shit. Also, moving day.

From one place….

To another…

Favorite 365 of the week – 28/365 My Frog

My and RedLotusMama’s 2 Girls ~ 2 Clicks project of the week.

Giant Starfish Special ~ Hers, then mine


Go visit the beautiful Lotus for more Weekly Winners.



  1. Doooood, you weren’t kidding! You have A LOT of shit!

    I hope your transition is good. Lub you baybee!

  2. Can I PLEASE come and declutter? PLEASEEEEEE?

  3. Nice shots! I can relate to the moving thing. When/where/why moving? And how did I no know this?

  4. Haha, I love the ‘serious science’ face your son has – so cute! 🙂

  5. Love that first photo.

  6. Loved the earring! Too cute. The 2 Clicks shots were fun.

    Good luck with the move.

  7. I like the science experiment shot.

  8. I love that first shot – with grandma looking on.

    And – I have a lot of shit too. I just won’t photograph it all right now! =)

  9. I think we all have a lot of shit. I love moving because it means….a purge of shit!! And it feels good.

  10. We could never live together. Ever. Authorities would be called. Our piles o’ shit would take over the world.

  11. Moving sucks, big time.

    Those 2 clicks shots are really cool. So were the ones last week.

  12. Don’t talk to me about packing and moving right now. Just don’t. But my completely gutted, soon to be brand new house? It is awesome. And getting awesomer each day.

  13. Nice shots! Love the science!

  14. The 2 clicks is too fun!!
    and I love yours, I love close ups.

    Wow, you do have lotsa stuff girly. I hate moving so better you than me 😉

  15. Moving sucks. I hope it went well.
    Love the starfish!

  16. Great set~my faves are the frog & starfish ones 🙂

  17. moving sucks

  18. You do have a lot of shit, but you also have insanely good bedroom lighting. Me? Jealous.

    Dude, it that Magic Science? If it isn’t, I might have to send him a late little Christmas gift.

  19. Very cool. I see the hamster cage. Be careful that he doesn’t get lost in the move!

  20. Your stuff would give me heart palpitations.. ack.. I am too type A to have piles like that..hahaha I am with ZJ..let me come declutter you..

    Love the science shot!!


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