Posted by: justmiss | January 9, 2009

Just Call Me a Henchman

Seriously, I am causing mayhem all over the intrawebs. I fucking HATE trolls. I hate judgemental people. I think that people who judge other people’s lifestyles are fucking bitter and should keep to themselves. I think that people who deliberately try to hurt people that are GOOD, should be banned to a very tiny island far far away. Because you know, people that are genuine are hard to come across. There are too many people like me, who get a few beers in them, and start getting all violent and start using the word FUCK a lot. And asshole. And bitch. And my sarcasm? It comes out tenfold.

Bottom line is, save your breath and dont fuck with people I care about. Because I am fierce sometimes. And if my idiot ex taught me anything, its how to make another person feel stupid. Not that I am proud of that, but it can be handy when necessary.

Oh yea. It makes me nuts when people say that they are battling other idiotic people and don’t link. So I’ve drank just enough tonight to link.




As for the third? Well I don’t want to upset those that should be in padded rooms. But HELLLLO to all the visitors from that particular blog!! You are lookin FAB in my stat counter.

Now fucking go away.

As for my lovelies, you are probably laughing at me right now, I offer my services free of charge. All I ask is that you give me a couple of beers and then let me loose.



  1. What would this world be like with out you … boring that is for sure! I love you. Thank you for your passion, your loyalty and your blunt honesty. MWAH!

  2. You made tears form, from laughing. You are obviously made of awesomesauce. And you, beer or not, are an amazing friend. love you.

  3. You are teh lulz Miss. Are they seriously coming over here in droves or something? I know my statcounter is up about 150 over what it usually is now, has been since yesterday.

    Perhaps if I fake a blow job I can create an angry swarm of bees using the power of the internets or something.

  4. Girl, you know this doesn’t make you a henchman…it makes you a FRIEND.

  5. Um, I have no idea what you are talking about. (OMG, this must be how you feel when you read MY blog!) But I can tell that you are pissed. About something. And that you are one brave woman, who I’m very glad to have on my team if I ever need you.


  6. I am soo lost..But I soo love you..

  7. Fire in the hole! I’m just ducking and covering for good measure.

  8. Oh geez – what did I miss?

  9. zomg you are hilarious gurl.

    luv to you always. and all ways. heh


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