Posted by: justmiss | January 8, 2009

Hard Hitting Questions: Answered

A couple of days ago, Colleen at Mommy Always Wins, who owes me add revenue because I link to her a LOT, asked her four year old some random questions about random things and she blogged it for all to see. It was super duper cute.

I thought, hey! MY kid can be super duper cute. Everyone will think so and will FINALLY believe that I can also be a mother amongst the greats! It will be wicked awesome.

Yea… my kid? He’s a smart ass comedian. All my dreams of greatness just went flying out the window.

Watch and learn the tricks of the trade:

Not five minutes after we finished this video, we had an earthquake. Was that the Universes way of telling me to never do this again? I’ll totally be testing this theory out.



  1. That was waaaay cute. And it’s totally obvious that he’s your kid.

    His answer of “video games” made my 3 year old say “Video dames? Ha ha ha! He is my best fren!” (He’s totally replaced Barney, yo. Awesome!)

  2. Donnie and me just watched this together in my office.. he loved it.. Esp that your son is so into video games like my little man is (he is playing Leap Frog as I type this).

    This was too cute. And I got to hear you. yayayaya

  3. Games make the world go round. Anything less would be suckish.

  4. What did you give that kid that makes him giggle so much! Such a cutie that I just want to pinch his cheeks!

  5. “Suckish!” now your son has me saying it. 🙂

    Btw. His smile is infectious!

  6. snap


    your voice is lovely… and his ears are JUST like mine and I would so be happy if life entailed recess and video games.

    what a happy kiddo. many many congrats!

  7. “video game” = most important thing in life

    He’ll make a great man.

    And those ears – he’s the CUTEST!

  8. I totally expected him to tell all of your readers and friends : “SEND ME AN XBOX 360!”

    *sigh* lol

    His silliness cracked me up


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