Posted by: justmiss | January 7, 2009

Flash Backs

The only chat application I ever really use is gmail chat. I have the application on my phone so it’s like if I need it, I have access to my girls whenever I need them. It’s been useful in certain situations, trust me. I have all the other applications, I just never really use them. The only time I get on yahoo is to have 3 ways with hot chicks.

And that is exactly what I was doing tonight when another chat box popped up. Inside that little box was my brother. What’s that? You thought I was an only child? Oh yea, I still am (as far as I know… family history and all that. Heh.). No, Jer is one of two ofย  the closest people to me that I’m not related to, that I consider to be like a brother to me. The other is our friend Matt, who I’ve known almost as long. But Matt’s another post for another day.

We’ve been friends since we were 8 years old. He is my oldest friend.

He was my first crush. He had a mullet. Obviously, my tastes hadn’t quite developed yet. He lived right up the street from me growing up and I spent a lot of time at his house. Sleepovers, meals, we even had a club house there. We rode bikes, played basketball, had pine cone wars, and pretty much ruled the block all day long.

He made my childhood out to be what it was. Fantastic.

It wasn’t until high school that we went to school together for the first time. Between him and Matt and some of the other guys we spent time with, changing schools between 8th and 9th grade was easier. We were close all throughout high school.

After, he went off to the military and I went off to get knocked up. It was insanely hard to maintain any kind of relationship outside of my marriage for many reasons. He was sent to Iraq and is there now for the 3rd time. He’s also married, and has a one year old son who, as he tells it, is already trouble. Which is understandable if you knew him.

I feel so blessed tonight, to know that even though its been about 4 years since we’ve talked, we can still connect. He crosses my mind frequently, as does his new family. I’m happy to know that he is safe and happy makes me happy.

How old is your oldest relationship?



  1. It’s quite sad that my oldest relationship now seems to be carried out on facebook and random texts from a friend promising to meet and then cancelling at the last minute. A shame, I’ve known her since we were four, but over time I’ve learnt that it wasn’t a healthy relationship to invest much time in.

  2. My oldest friendship turns 30 this September.. we met in the 3rd grade and have been tortruing one another since then.. Truthfully though, most of my friends (outside of blogging) have been in my life for 15 years plus.. Once I get ya friendship, I never let go…

    **you are now warned properly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have a quite a few friends still hanging in there from my childhood. My oldest friend I have known since preschool, so… 24 years ago. I still have contact with a few people I went to preschool with, but they’re more of acquaintances now. My closest friend at the moment is someone from elementary school.

    I had a Jer, except his name was David. We lost contact for a while after he moved, but we’ve reconnected since. (Thank you, MySpace!) He’s still weird.

  4. Aww, sweet story! I have a friend I’ve known, and been close to, since 1st grade. We’ve drifted here and there, but my bf & I got to spend a few hours with her & her husband just before xmas, and it was awesome.
    We had another friend in 1st grade, who we were all pretty close with through 8th grade, that I lost touch with in HS–we weren’t really meshing anymore at that point–but who I’ve just gotten to know again online in the last year or so, and she’s become someone I like very much, so that is awesome, too.
    Other than that, I have one friend I met in 9th grade, who I keep in touch with, but otherwise, all my friends are from college and after. ;p
    (and my family! VDog and our sibs and mom are some of my closest friends!) ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Yah, my oldest friend I’ve known since I was FIVE….so, 31 years.
    And the best thing is that we are STILL close, shoot..I just met her at the gym this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. reconnecting for the win

  7. A few weeks back I did a haiku about a friendship that has stood the test of time with my best friend and oldest friendship. We met in 2nd grade. 30 years ago. Yep. It boggles the mind. We talked for 4 hours after not connecting for about a year or so, and it was so nice, even if we are so very different. If we met today, we’d probably not have much to say to each other, but all that history is the glue that binds us, and it’s amazing and comfortable and awesome. I’m so glad you have that, too. It’s a special thing, ain’t it?

  8. Hey, how come you arent in my gmail chat, yo?

  9. My oldest friendship is just over 15 years! We met at primary, went through school together and still meet up every couple months. I’m godmother to her two gorgeous children, even. Wow, you forgot sometimes that it’s been so long ๐Ÿ™‚


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