Posted by: justmiss | January 2, 2009

A Slacker of Epic Proportions

That’s me. I am a slacker slash procrastinator like you wouldn’t believe.

You want proof? I was tagged for a meme.

By five separate bloggers.

Kim at Jogging in Circles, DaddyJoe at Daddy Dorkus, and Colleen at Mommy Always Wins all tagged me for that meme where you take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW and post it. RedLotusMama THOUGHT about tagging me and was bummed that Colleen beat her too it. Also, the lovely Lolita of tagged me this morning. What the hell did I do to piss off five people so much that they would be SO cruel to me?

WHATEVER. To all five of you.

Here goes:


How frightening. That’s what you get.

Everyone in the damn blogosphere has been tagged by now so I’m not tagging anyone for this.


Waaaay back at the beginning of December, my friend Lynette at My So Called Life did a little meme and asked if people would want to participate. I must have been high at the time and I volunteered. I have to list 10 of my favorite things but with a twist. They have to start with a certain letter. That she got to give me.

She gave me the letter P. She thinks she’s funny.

Oh and I’m only doing 5. BECAUSE. I. CAN.

  1. Pockets – Think about it. Pockets are SO useful. Things most commonly found in my pockets: keys, my phone, a lighter, those Music Pick of The Week cards they give out at Starbucks, and my credit card. Don’t fucking lie, you know pockets are the shit.
  2. Potato Soup – As my lovely girls know, I love me some creamy, thick…. soup. And potato is  pretty damn tasty. I prefer clam chowder, but that starts with a C, which would therefore defeat the purpose of this meme.
  3. Pasadena – Specifically Colorado Blvd. Seriously? That street is the shit. It has soooo much good stuff on it. In-N-Out. Yang Chow’s. Lush. Ruth’s Chris (where *ahem* I am still yet to go. Do you know how badly I want to? DO YOU?). Target. Yogurt shops for days. It’s a pretty fucking awesome street. Boulevard? WTF I dunno. Honestly, the first place I’m looking for my apartment this year is in Pasadena. Then that place will be even that much MORE cool.
  4. Panera – Honestly, what’s not to like? More soup, the Sierra Turkey sandwich on Asiago Bread which is just YUM and a half, and FREE Wireless Internet. I ask you again, what is not to like??
  5. Penis – Now, Lynette knew I would go here. YOU must have known I was going to go here. I mean, would this list, written by me, be complete without me saying that penis is one of my favorite P things?? I know some people may not agree, but penis is just fabulous. There are so many things you can do with it. And so many things it can do for you! I really feel like a good penis is a gift that keeps on giving.

All you people who tagged me for that damn photo thing? CONSIDER THIS ME TAGGING YO ASS. Your letter? Whatever your first name starts with. Bitches.


Alright. Since I just said penis 4 (hey! Make that 5!) times in this post, let me show you what Colleen gave me! (Oh, go over there and check out her fab new layout.)


It’s a cute little lemonade stand! That I’m supposed to give to 10 people who have blogs that show attitude or gratitude. Honestly, I cant specifically pinpoint any of my friends who deserve this more than another. So if you leave me a comment on this ridiculous post, go ahead and nab this bad boy for your own blog. Because you are da shit.


One last thing… I honestly cannot believe that I’ve decided to do this. Peer pressure, it’s quite the bitch. I joined The Modern Mom Challenge for a Fantastic Year and a Fantastic Me. I know that I’m already pretty fucking fantastic, so really I’m just doing it to get a better looking ass. I’m not going to lie ok? If you want to feel better, look better, and just BE better this year, go join me. You set your own goals, your own deadlines, and meet new people and have fun with it at the same time. Nothing wrong with that right?

So I’m trying to cure my slacker skillz and catching up with things that were assigned to me. New Year, new me?

Why not.



  1. i can haz lemonAIDS?

  2. Well, now … check you out in all of your HAWTness! Since I didn’t ACTUALLY tag you for the photo meme I guess I can just skip the favorite thing by letter meme! Hee hee! I’ll just help myself to some lemonade now … thankyouverymuch.

  3. I cannot wait to go on a date with you.. 😉

    and creamy soups.. yum.

    Penis. said it for luck.

    and it is totally a new year for you.

    I can’t wait to see how the year rolls out.

  4. Ha. I have neer been tagged for that one. Thanks gawd… you should see me know.

    And I love the sierra turkey. Yum. Yum. Im going to have to convert you into a COrner Bakery gal while in Chicago. Although I love my Panera… CB rocks my world.

  5. Fuck you. That’s all. You’re hot with your hotness. Again, fuck you.

    the end

  6. I second a fuck you, but only because now if I don’t do it, I REALLY look sucktastic. Both literally and figuratively.

  7. Oh damn you.

    I’m with you on Panera. And Ruth’s Chris is the only steakhouse worth going to. My favorite. We’ll have to go and celebrate once we have our fine asses. And maybe we’ll find some rich penises there too.

  8. Well, I thought about O…but I knew where THAT would lead. LOL..

    And if you move to Pasadena, can I come over and watch the Parade next year..?

  9. Sweet. I didn’t tag you, but only b/c you and everybody else had already been tagged. *sigh* Pretty much.

  10. Bwahahahaha @ Lolita’s rich penises comment. I agree with all your P’s, but I’m fine with just one of that last P.

  11. […] Today marked the Kick Off to the Modern Mom Challenge 2009. I mentioned the MM Challenge a few days ago and today was it’s official […]

  12. Nice P List, Miss! I’m with you on four of the five. The fifth is something I don’t like personally, but like to share!

  13. Too cool, Penis and Pasadena in the same post? You rock! I used to live in a neighboring burg!


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