Posted by: justmiss | December 3, 2008

3rd Edition: Things That Need To Be Said

The bad…

  • Ever heard of jumping on the bandwagon? How bout riding coat tails? No? Because it seems you are fucking amazing at it. Maybe I’m the fool who would rather be real and have real relationships with people instead of trying to be a part of some “club” where the kids who think they are cool hang out. You name drop, link drop, @ drop and for what? Because you are craving attention? From all the “hot” guys? Or maybe the “hot” girls? I’m over it. So, so, so over it. And it makes me sick and sad to see this because if you want the truth, it’s allll superficial. When shit gets bad, those people won’t give a shit. Oh sure, the virtual pat on the back can be great, but will they actually hurt when you hurt? No. Because they have “admirers” to attend to. They’ll be the first to bail when shit gets rough.
  • You know, maybe you feel wronged. I get that. As twisted as it was, I kinda get your reaction. What I don’t get though? You preach about being real. You preach about being a good person, being true, being genuine. All you did was lead people on. None of this was real. At least that’s how it feels now. You chose the people you trusted like you chose what shoes you were going to wear that day. And then you just cut ties? Did you ever think there were people out there you might actually care? Or were you too busy focusing on yourself (as per the usual) and calling it concern for your own well being? Or maybe you were just too busy planning the ultimate demise of yourself and people who don’t deserve to be blown down by your selfishness.
  • When it comes to BlogHer, I’m going to be focused. I’m going to try not to get annoyed by the fangirls, I’m going to try not to roll my eyes excessively at the gushing (because I SO will, and it will be bitchy) and I’m going to maximize the time I want to spend with the people that I actually CARE about. Because there is no way in hell that I am spending all that cash to go and try to keep up with the people who think they are awesome. Because the people that are awesome are the people I am going there to meet. With, of course, the exception of my two So Cal luvs that will be there as well. Because obviously I’m going there to be with them too.

The good…

  • You’ve handled this with grace. I know it hurt you. I’m sorry for that. But you are so amazing and strong and an inspiration to me always.
  • I hate to say it here, but I do love you. I can say it without stipulation to her, and her, and her, and them but if I say it to you, its baaaad. Or oooh, drama filled. Fucking bullshit. And I’m still hiding in my cryptic ways and saying it here. That’s bullshit too. Eh, you know how I feel either way.

Sorry… I’m more bad than good today. I’m PMSing alright?

Got anything that needs to be said?



  1. I love you, but these damn posts hurt my brain.

  2. Shit. Is EVERYBODY PMS’ing right now?

  3. You’re going to BLOGHER? I don’t know anything anymore.

    Dude, I was SOOO worried about those same things last year. Kim and I stayed at an offsite hotel for those very reasons. Dude, SO not the way it goes down. It’s conferences all day, and drinks with your friends all night. And then someone will throw an everyone’s invited party and bring 200 McDonald’s cheeseburgers. You will have a blast, I promise.

  4. I just don;t know anymore…

  5. YESSS!!!! I knew you loved me! It’s ok Babe, tell the world! Fuck the drama!

    And annoyed, bitchy you? Still sounds pretty awesome.

  6. Can I come over and chill on your couch with you?

    Sometimes I am so out of the loop on shit you are so aware of.. All I know is that if you think your going to duck me at BlogHer to hang out with you SoCal loves all the time I may have to hunt you down and karate chop all three of your asses. πŸ™‚

  7. I am awesome. That is all.

  8. I want you to name drop so that I can know what in the hell you’re talking about. So confused….

  9. Hmm… I can certainly relate to the BlogHer concerns. It is one of the things holding me back a bit.


  11. Awwwww yeah! BlogHer ’09, baby! It is going to be a great time of learning, networking, socializing, talking, drinking and photo taking. SoCal represent!

  12. If you don’t hang out with me at BlogHer, I’m planning to go to extreme measures. LIke bringing packs of thong panties to fling at you like rubber bands …or something. I don’t know. Or, I might just kidnap you. Who knows.


    Seriously though…these posts hurt my head too. I think way too much.

    xoxoxoxo MWAH

  13. I’m hunting you down at BlogHer and kissing your sweet cheeks and buying you a free coctail whether you like it or not dammit. Just try to avoid me, I dare you!

  14. I am so out of it.

    I do know one thing, I will tackle you down on the ground with a great big hug. Ive got muscles now from boot camp. Sure you can handle me?

  15. OMG, why did I not know you’re going to BlogHer???!!!!!

    I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, but maybe we have to be on the same cycle. Well, assuming I’ll still have a cycle in July (oh, I know I exaggerate, but you girls will have to put up with an old matron hangin’ about, stealing your drinks and partaking in a little table-dancing here and there.)

    Just kidding, I’ll behave (well, a little bit anyway).

    And OHmommy is scaring me, just a little bit :).

  16. blogher? you’re going? awesome!

    (that’s all i’m going to say because i really have no fucking clue what you are talking about…hahaha)


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