Posted by: justmiss | November 28, 2008

Flashback Friday #4

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Daddy Long Legs. Flamingo. Olive Oil.

Just some of the enduring things I was called growing up. I had long, skinny legs. I still have them, but they aren’t that skinny anymore. They aren’t half bad actually. But when I was young, I sometimes hated wearing shorts, especially in school. I was teased a lot. By boys who actually liked me. Who knew it worked like THAT?


I loved watching TV on my parents bed. And that armoir back there? Mine now.

Oooh I came across this bonus picture:


Do you see my grandpa’s shirt? It says “I Love Short Women”. He was such a PERV! Ahahaha I love him and miss him and I WISH I could have gotten to know the pervy side of him before he passed away. That’s my grandma to the left of him (passed as well) and my 90yo grandma to the left of her. I think we were waiting for the Olympic Torch to pass. I look a little disgruntled eh?

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  1. How long are we talkin? Like, what’s your inseam…

    I didn’t get the olive oil part until half way through the inseam joke there. I am dum.

  2. Love the shorts… I had a pair in pink.

    I saw that they are making a comeback. LOL…

  3. great pics. i love the oldies. i had a pair of those pink shorts but mine were a full piece with the top halter top thingy as well.

    love your grampa’s shirt.

  4. The 80s were cool. I don’t get the “short women” thing. Am slow.

  5. BWAHAHAHA I NEED to get that shirt. He rocked! I need to be THAT grandpa.

    Funny. First thing I thought when I saw that first pic was that you were playing Xbox or something.

  6. Cuteness! I was always “Skinny Minnie”. Had the string bean legs, too – now my 4yo has ’em and I call him my muppet. He looks like Kermit the Frog or Grover with those skinny rope arms and legs!

  7. I kinda miss my grampa too…
    he died 2 years ago… but hey! loads of good memories and things I’ve learned with him…

    I can understand the Xbox thing from busydad!

  8. Oh my goodness how flipping cute are you??

  9. Your grandpa’s tshirt is hilarious!!!! Great flashback, Miss!


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