Posted by: justmiss | November 24, 2008

Vlogging is the new black

Yea. So I copy other people. Freaking sue me. (or you know, please don’t)

Enjoy it bitches. xo

Thanks to Ali at Cheaper Than Therapy who I forgot to include in my credits. Because I suck.



  1. 2 shout-outs??? We are so gonna make out in July.

    You’re the cutest. Do you want to join ZJ as my Pocket Pixie?

  2. You are so fucking adorable.

  3. I think next time you should drunk vlog instead of drunk dial. 😉

  4. Fuck that. I did it before allllll those bitches. Jet Lag Vlog anyone??

  5. SQUEE!

    You are sooooo cute!

  6. Very cool.

  7. Why does nobody sound like the voices in my head? WHY?

  8. You can’t make me! You can’t make me vlog!! *runs around the room in circles, screaming like a crazy*

    But, you were super cute. And, guess what! You can catch up on blogs a bit easier this week because I won’t be posting. at. all. F-ing Midphase.

    Love ya girl. You rocked this sniznit. HAWT.

  9. Wow…you have the cutest voice!! That was awesome and sweet. Love seeing the real Miss 🙂

  10. Hey justmiss, just finished watching ur first vlog 🙂 it reminded me of mine when I first did one on youtube,though i hear it’s cooler to use vimeo? what do ya think? don’t u hate when ur mind draws a complete blank, yet ur intention was to actually say a little something 🙂 urs actually wasn’t that bad, don’t stop just yet, ur blog is an interesting read and ur twits, so i’m sure you’ll do same with ur vblogs. ur son is a cutie. I’m not a mom but i have a zillion nephews an neices, i should probably be one by now lol.

    I was trying to ask if I could follow ya on twitter but there is no way to direct message ya so i’m asking on here,may I?

    northern california
    twitter name: 1cutechicwitfm

  11. You are flucking hot.. and adorable.. and you have the cutest voice ..

    PS.. I nearly pissed my pants with Maria’s comment.. lol.

    PSS..thanks for the shout out my friend.. xoxoxoxoxo

  12. You are adorable 😉

  13. Alright yeah so I added you to MSN, I’m pretty sure that’s not twitter at all, but I still don’t really know what twitter is. SO yeah if you see some random e-mail it’s me.

    Nice vlog. I admire your courage I don’t think I’d be able to be funny in any way on film. I’m more “words funny” you know?

  14. Seriously. Still laughin at ‘he kicks.’ You forgot ‘he hides important things.’

    and ya, how new is the subtitle – I’ve never noticed it!? Dood, bomb ass is the bestest phrase ever.

  15. Heh. Tall boys at the movie theater? I need to start coming to the 909 to view my cinema. LOL

  16. You are so flipping cute, dude.

  17. you are way way way too cute 😉

  18. so supa cute are you! And, can I just say; I was expecting some been-at-the-bar-all-night-Marlboro red-smoker-sexed-out voice. And man was I surprised.

  19. “So that’s what you’re like in real life” (you know, I didn’t want to make all these people jealous or anything).

  20. The last time I heard your voice I was too drunk to remember it. You are so sweet.

  21. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
    that was awesome! Welcome to the VLoging world!! 🙂

    You should TOTALLY keep doing it!
    Let’s pot it like that… you are better then me on it!

    Ah… you’re officilailly invited to check the M Word every Monday and you will see exactly what I mean… heheheh 🙂


  22. Totally cute!

    Well, the I know my X would not see Twilight, but if he did he would have a 3 pack of BudLite tall boys. Ugh.

    Anywho … love the vlog!

  23. OMH you are too cute!

  24. You too! I love it.

    I loved seeing the real you.
    I love that we have similar hair outside photographs.
    I love that both our kids can kick our asses while asleep.

    I hope you vlog again!

    I, on the other hand? Nuh uh.

  25. I love when you say, “I say um too much.” LOL SO CUTE!!!

    Also, I did vlogs WAAAAAY back in feb. So Maria ain’t got shit on me. 😀

  26. How adorable are you!!! I loved this.

    And you’re just as gorgeous without hair products.

    Your boy, what a sweetie. The girlie is a kicker/thrasher/ heat seeking missile too.

    Hope you do another vlog soon…

  27. […] tried a lot of new things. I made a vlog. I started the Saturday Street Fair (which will make it’s return, I swear). I used Sunday as […]


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