Posted by: justmiss | November 20, 2008

It’s interesting…

I keep wondering if there will ever be a time when I am in any kind of relationship where I am not confused as fuck about something. I mean, really.

I think I’m pretty reliable. At least, I try to be. I answer my phone when it rings (unless you know, I REALLY don’t want to talk to someone) and I reply to emails that need answers, and I text people back when I think they are expecting me to. These are all good things right?

So WHY is it, ONE night when I decide to sleep BEFORE midnight for once (which is good right?) my phone literally gets BLOWN up? I mean, I thought I smelled smoke coming out of it at one point. Fer serious.

I always do my best to show someone I am there for them. But FUCK. I woke up this morning and I have text messages and voice mails ranging from “answer the phone” to “you are probably out whoring around”. Oh my.

Whoring around? Really? This coming from someone who not two days earlier was asking me to have babies for him? FUCKING SNORT.

Whoring. Around. Fuckin-A. It’s so hard to wrap my mind around. I mean, sure. TROLLING my blog and discovering a post about meeting up with a blogger certainly equals me being a whore. Oh that’s right. Because it was a man. Threatened much?

See the problem is, he’s coasted so long with me. And when we were apart, he really, really must have assumed I was sitting at home and crying in my fucking nachos. (mmm nachos). When in reality, I was doing my damnedest to move on. And stay busy. And NOT get lonely and sit at home crying in my mother fucking nachos. (Now I want Nachos)(tear free plz)(kthanksbye)

So No Rura. I was not in fact out whoring around as you so sweetly put it. Nor have I EVER whored around anything while we have been together. And oh yea, it’s an AWESOME fucking tagline. QUACKER!

Is it ok for me to say I am so disappointed by this? Sure, I’m fucking pissed. And hurt. But mostly, I’m disappointed. I mean, what the hell right? I would think I would have to do something really horrible to be spoken to this way.

But no. Not me. I’m such a lucky girl. *fucking sigh*



  1. Well, isn’t he sweet? Kick him for me. please. And, if you have any nacho cheese left, can I have it? For my pretzel?

  2. Heh. What a quaker.

  3. FYI.. we were on each others blog at the same time.. LOL.. I just got your comment.. hah..

    EVIL twins we are..

    And don”t deserve that shit. You need to be worshiped.

  4. I’m with with all those ladies on top of me.


    You deserve the best.

  5. He’s jealous of your whoring because he knows just how much you can charge for it. He knows you’re worth a good $3000 a throw, and he wants in on that deal there. And I think it was a good idea that you charged the blogger you met with double for your “escort” services, I mean the economy is tough right now and we all need to make a living, and if a dude is willing to pay for a whore from the IE well then let him.

    And tell Rura that if he doesnt knock it off I’ll bite him.

  6. all of you need to worry about your own lives!

  7. I’d never answer any communication from the wanker again. Ever.

    (Still figuring how to use the scanner and fax machine to send over some chili Doritos…)

  8. Shows you his true colors.

  9. Well, if you ever DO decide to take up whoring around, I call dibs! I’ll take you out for beer and nachos first!

    I love you!

  10. Excuse me but who is he to question ANYTHING you do? You broke up right? Screw him.

  11. Ummm, yeah, time to get the hell over it rura. Nachos huh, awesome! You will be a cheap date! Looks like noneya above has issues too. Do they not realize what a blog is and for? I think noneya and rura both need to lose your phone number and blog URL.

    You are way better than they deserve! You are doing a fine job of moving on with your life. You deserve all the happiness one can find. Go get it.

  12. You totally deserve better than that foolishness…

    Mmm nachos, now I want Mexican. Great!

  13. Is this for real! Talk about messed up. First he wants you back, then he treats you like this … HUH? Wow. Wow. Wow. You have more than a right to be disappointed, pissed of and down right over him. Rura needs to grow the fuck up and some real balls. This behavior is starting to sound all too familiar.

    BTW … I know a great place down here for some nachos! *nom*nom*nom*

  14. I guess I can’t really buy you nachos anymore?

  15. good for you. it must be tough but you are doing what needs to be done. moving on…

  16. Mmmmm nachos.

    What utter, quacker, crap. Hmphhhh!

    You’ve just got yourself a life, a better one at that.

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  18. Wow. You totally deserve worship. Accept nothing less!


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