Posted by: justmiss | November 16, 2008

Summer Madness

For Maria

The cool wind hits her face as she climbs out of the cab. She reaches up and tucks a short strand of hair behind her ear. The street is empty, but her eyes scan the sidewalks for his face. He’s due home any time and the traffic on 7th street made her think she wouldn’t be able to beat him home. He never minds if she isn’t at the house when she gets there, but it makes her feel a little more powerful nevertheless.

She unlocks the door and takes the stairs two at a time. As she gets inside, she notes how cool the apartment stayed while she was out. Usually he leaves the blinds open and allows the place to get stuffy. She had enough sense to close all of them before she left. As she walks through their bedroom into the bathroom, she tugs her panties out of her purse and buries them into the hamper. It’s not like he would notice, she does all the laundry anyways. But she knows she can never be too careful.

The warm water feels good running down her back. As much as she hates to wash away the scent of her lover, she knows she has to. The only thing that comforts her is knowing that it wont be long before they are together again. Her mind wanders, thinking of the way he touches her. He’s such a graceful partner, gently guiding her, and then roughly taking her. She gets a chill remembering how his mouth felt, staying in places she never lets her husband go. Because she wont. It doesn’t belong to him anymore.

She steps out of the shower and appreciates the coolness of the air. She lingers as she dresses, her mind still back in his bed. She walks to the kitchen, intent on starting water for a cup of tea. Night is slowly falling and she has one more thing to do before he gets home. As the water comes to a boil, she pushes that button, listening to the whir of the computer start.

She sits with her tea, and opens her email. There is already a message from him, with two simple words. “Thank You”. She smiles and goes to reply. “No, thank you”.

As she clicks send, the front door opens. “Hey honey, how was your day?”

She shuts down the computer with a sigh.



  1. Wow you need to write a book. That’s some good stuff.

  2. See. Only a kickass song could inspire that. Told you!

  3. Well now … where did that come from?!?!?!?! Loved it!

  4. He sits down on the couch beside her. He has a troubled look on her face. She gets a knot in her stomach sensing something wrong. Even though she had a lover, she still loved him, he was her rock, the other guy was just a boy toy. It gave her excitement. She said “Whats wrong.” He put his hands over his face and said “I have to tell you something.” Panic started to fill her being. He mumbled the words…..I have been cheating on you.

  5. Okay, there’s more right? When, when?!!!

  6. Dude… that is FUCKING AWESOME!

  7. SEX!

  8. wow!

  9. Nice. Little L loved this song, btw…

  10. loved this.
    wait let me tell you again.
    loved this.

  11. Whoa. Just, Whoa.

  12. Well hot damn Miss. Who knew?

    More please.


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