Posted by: justmiss | November 14, 2008

Flashback Friday #2

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Here we go again. This time, I think I had to be about um… 6 or 7. Right around my son’s age. I think I looked more like him when I was really small. I dunno. You be the judge.

scan0009Everybody now… AWWWWWW.

Yea check out my hair. Intense huh? My mom used to brush it out after my baths. There is picture proof that I hated this. I just looked again and I STILL have that wonkey eye. Wonder what my mom smoked while she was pregnant. I loved those red pajamas. They were the ones with feet. Totally comfortable. I think I had a blue pair too.

Here’s one more for the road….


Wanna make babies?

Sorry. That’s all I got. I’ve been drinkin’ with the crackahs. Ya’ll are lucky this wasn’t totally inappropriate.



  1. I’m so going to let you knock me up at BlogHer. That HAIR! The CUTE.

  2. Are you for serious with those dimples???

    Consider yourself rubbed up on.

  3. Sorry, my baby factory was permanently closed for business a few years ago. So what is a wonky eye? I see nothing wrong with your eyes. Adorable!

  4. Dang … I thought my kid had some hair! What “wonky eye”? You are incredibly cute!

  5. You were so cute. What happened? j/k

    Those pictures are actually really good, someone had an eye back then.

  6. OMG.. you are soo freaking adorable.. I love love love your hair… love these Miss.. love them..

  7. Those pictures are adorable.

  8. I can’t let Fury see these. It would be all sorts of messed up.

  9. *swoon* Love these! SO CUTE! (and I see no wonky eye!)

  10. Such sweetness, Miss, you are such awesomeness, then and now…

  11. Very cute pictures. I love the last one.

  12. Well, you were beautiful then, you’re still beautiful today…


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