Posted by: justmiss | November 12, 2008


Three years ago today, there was a guy who took a chance and gave me a kiss.

Today I watched him get more excited over Hot and Fresh Krispy Kreme’s than going to dinner with me.

It’s not his fault I suppose. Or maybe it is. Maybe it’s mine. I’m confused over it. I had hoped, when we first started talking again, that his excitement towards me would have lasted more than a few days.

I think thats my problem. I had hoped. If I had just let it happen, would I feel as frustrated as I do? Or am I just creating this problem in my head?

This is what I wanted. Wasn’t it? I mean, I didn’t say no when he called did I? There is love there. I’m sure of that. It’s just that there are things I want and I just dont know how to communicate to him that I want them.

I think I just need to throw myself into some music and see where it takes me.

Maybe it’s time for some new music…



  1. You just let me know when I can kick him in the head for not appreciating you a 10th of how much some of the rest of us do. Maybe it will rattle something into place.

  2. I’m sorry, hunny! You deserve so much better than what he has to offer. He might have some goodness in there, but for whatever reason, he’s choosing to keep it hidden under a thick layer of dickheadedness.

  3. what can you say? Men. Can’t live with ’em.. Can’t bury them in the backyard. Or at least, not without an alibi.

  4. Wow….you are way better than donuts. What a dolt.

  5. Dude.. you over a flippin Crispy Creme? You deserve better.. I know you know that..

    I wish the video worked because I love your posts with songs in them.

  6. I’m possibly missing something here, so maybe I’m off base, but no, I don’t get that. If it was just the donut, sure I’d feed him donuts in bed while making goo goo eyes, but I get the idea that the bigger picture is that he wouldn’t be willing to reciprocate such affection or devotion. In my view, if you treat a man like a king, you should also be treated like a queen, and I’m no longer willing to settle for anything less. Other people see it differently, and it’s none of my business because different things work for different folks, but if you want something different/better, you deserve it. He may or may not be able to give you what you need/want, and if not, there is no point trying to get from him what he hasn’t to give. I’ve tried.

  7. You should have punched him in the nose while he ate that donut.

  8. Here’s how you should communicate it to him (after punching him in the nose)…

    “Look, fucktard. I love you and all but I’m the best damn thing that ever has or ever will happen to you and you better start appreciating me unless you want two black eyes to match that swollen nose of yours. Got it?”


  9. What is it they say, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?”

    Or is it “Men are from A**hole astroid-ville and Women are from Heaven? I’m not sure, I’ll have to check the library.

    Tell that man to get his priorities in check, dammit.

  10. Hope is a dangerous emotion. I’m sorry that he doesn’t realize (like the rest of us) how amazing you are. ❤

  11. Ditto on Ash’s comment … I got nothing more to add after that!

  12. Love is full of hope. It’s hard to put that aside. I’m so sorry he’s being this way. You definitely deserve better. Or at least to be favored over a donut.

  13. Krispy Kreme over you?!!!

    This is so hard, Miss, you deserve better, way better.

    Don’t beat yourself up over feeling hopeful, it’s not your fault.

    I love the song though…


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