Posted by: justmiss | November 11, 2008

Oh jeez….

I’m feeling the strain of NaBloPoMo. But I’m not ready to give up yet. At least, I don’t think… maybe…. no…. hmm… no, not yet. Wait… naw.

I suppose I’ll keep on truckin’ till I cant truck no mores.

But I apologize ahead of time because this blog, this post more specifically, is about to get bo-ring.

Ooh Twilight comes out like next week. NEXT WEEK. Fucking squee. I. CANT. WAIT.

I think I need a haircut. Shit, I need a lot of maintenance right now. Haircut, nails, toes, eyebrows. But no money and certainly no time are restricting all of that right about now. Anyone wanna send me like 50 bucks to get a decent haircut? No? Ok… *sad*

So since I’ve recently been advised that I can edit my photos with Picnik through Flickr, I’m uh, kinda addicted. Yea. So much so that I want to start trying to do a 365. I KNOW. I am just setting myself up for failure but I figure I can use myself as a guinea pig to sharpen my photography and wannabe skillz. You can see the tagline, I’m good at some things and photography ain’t listed there.

Did you know that when I am getting ready for work, I need to have the TV on? Specifically tuned to Channel 5 morning news. I tell myself its for the weather and I know it used to be for the hot guy they had on there but he’s on nights now and I never watch at night. So I don’t know what my excuse is. I’ll just say that I like to be up on current events. Sure.

The holidays are coming. Bah. Bah, I say.

And I’m spent.



  1. By the end of this month, how many memes do you think you’ll have done?

  2. Well, as long as your posts include a few original words, and not just vids or LOLcats, the NaBlo will be happy.

  3. I need a haircut badly too. I am trying to hold off until the holidays.

    Don’t give up on NaBlo, I have enjoyed your updates and flickr pics.

  4. I am also feeling the strain. Weekends – so hard. I need a meme or something. Anyway, you’re doing great!

  5. FINALLY! Finally I have met someone else who says bah to the holidays! So miss, care for some anti-caroling with me?

  6. Flickr/Picnik is so much the shiznit. You can have HM for the holidays cause he’s bringing down my mood. Meh.

  7. Dude, if you do a 365 I will do it with you. Hit me up, we’ll set up a start date.

  8. Next post topic idea: How much you love me. With lots of links.

    $50 for a haircut? Get it cut down here for $15. And, not at a barbershop. Another reason you should move here…as if I wasn’t enough…

  9. I get a haircut about once a year. At the cheap place. And it shows. šŸ™‚

  10. Gawd … do I ever need to spend a bit of time in a salon … cut, color, wax, pedi, mani … you name it!

    Since I lost my MacBook to “you know who” I have been floundering. I love iPhoto and still to for cropping and color fixing, but Picnik rocks my world for treatments and watermarking.

    If I can I watch the first two hours of the Today show (I have a thing for Matt Lauer … don’t ask). But, D usually takes over the TV with Clifford the Big Red Dog.

    Well, looks like your boring blog post wasn’t so boring after all!

  11. I wish I was going with you to see Twilight.. We could have a few beers and you could watch me try to make out with a movie screen or something..

  12. Go girl, go girl ….


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