Posted by: justmiss | November 10, 2008

What’s it called when you pimp yourself?

I’m not really sure but then again, I’m not only pimping myself. I’m pimping the best damn photoblog on the interwebs.

Just One Look

Whuzzat? You mean you’ve never heard of it? Well shame on me for not whoring it out sooner. If you look to the right, you will see a feed with the three most current posts. The great thing about this blog, and lucky enough for you, it’s just not my photos on there. I’m lucky to share that site with some really kick ass photographers. I’m not even joking.

Go here and check out who’s sharing their snaps. It’s ok, I’ll wait…

… … … … back?

Yea, freaking awesome right? Did you check out the archive? Nice little set of thumbnails there.

In all honesty, I’m incredibly proud of this blog. I’m always getting sucked into Flickr by beautiful photos. Now I can go to one place and see some of the most talented photographers I”ve ever seen all in one place.

I love all our contributors. Every singe one. But I am always looking for more people who want to share the blog with us. If you are thinking about it, and are intimated by talent, don’t be. I mean, I put my pictures up there. And we aren’t about that anyways. We are about sharing our favorite photos in one place. Even if you don’t think you are good, send me some photos and let everyone else be the judge. I mean, people like my photos. And yea, they aren’t anything compared to what other people see through a lens.

If you are interested, please email me at

I’m hoping to hear from you. And I hope you enjoy our photoblog.



  1. I love that photoblog. Like the best of the best. And to think, Fury has a picture he took on there as well – next to those of the greats: Secret Agent Mama, PG, Kim… the list goes on.

  2. You’re just now getting around to this? Why am I not surprised? Maybe it’s like the thing you were gonna mail me. A. YEAR. AGO. (That’s cool, you can give it to me next summer at BlogHer!)

  3. PS: OMG… this means I have to get to know more people and fast!

  4. Very cool. Maybe someday I will find one pic I like enough to send for it!

  5. I think it is cool!!! and I would LOVE to participate! can I??????? 🙂

    and you should DEFINITELY come help pimping my blog as well!! (BTW… I found a template that would be perfect for your pimping!!!!)


  6. I’m in – I emailed you.

  7. I saw and I liked! How do I get in on the action?

  8. Pimp away, you… I think it’s wonderful what you’ve done. There’s some amazing work there (mine, well, notsomuch, but my kids are cute).

    Loves ya babe.


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