Posted by: justmiss | November 8, 2008

Saturday Street Fair Vol. 1


Welcome to the Saturday Street Fair. I don’t care that it’s almost Sunday. Just freakin’ go with it ok?

The Funny Stand

I for one, LOVE random shit that people find on Etsy. There are some very strange things that people create and attempt to sell. I love when people snark on it so it’s no surprise I totally love Craftastrophe. Seriously, these chicks are funny. And the shit they find is random. Sometimes scary. But always hilarious.

The Amazing Stand

My Lovely ZoeyJane has been writing for the whole write a novel in a month thing that some bloggers are doing. What she has written so far has been fucking amazing. It is password protected so you might have to grovel a bit but believe me, it’s worth the sore knees (that’s what she said).

The Awwwww Stand

Bosssanders welcomed a new addition to the family. Go say welcome!

Honestly, I think that the MomBabe is nothing short of spectacular. She’s got all these little one’s and she keeps her cool and does some pretty amazing things with them. Seriously, bow down.

The Advice Needed Stand

I feel bad because I can’t help her more. My love Amy needs your words of wisdom. Especially if you have ever dealt with a child who may or may not have ADD or even issues with behaivor. She’s an amazing mother but we all reach a breaking point. Go and give some love.

The Travel Stand

RedLotusMama just got back from Maui. Yea. I know. I KNOW. I was totally jealous too. But she earned this year’s trip and she had an amazing time. Go check out the photo’s she’s shared. You will swoon.

BusyDad just got back from New York. No reason to link to his blog because I think he forgot what that is. He blogs like me now. BUT he did take some awesome twitpics, especially on election night when he hung out in Time’s Square. Can’t trade that!

The Award Stand

Lynette from My So Called Life gave me a wonderful award:


She thinks I’m awesome. *blush* Now I gotta give it out. I’m sending this one out to Sandy at Momisodes and Maggie from Maggie’s Mind. Because I love both their blogs. For shizz.

So that’s it. That concludes this weeks Street Fair. Like it? Should I bring it back next week? Lemme know.



  1. FUN! I’ve gotta run over to Amy, now.

  2. Only if I am one of the stands again! Kidding! *snicker* Seriously tho, thanks for mentioning me!

    This was great. I have more blogs to add to my reader now.


  3. Haha! Blogs like you? Frickity, I better finish this damn post. I’m working on it ok? And I love that alien frog on the Craftastrophe page. I almost want to get it for you.

  4. Yes, yes, yes. I’ve been thinking I need to add some more blogs to my reader. But can I get a funnel cake with the next one?

  5. The next best thing to writing a great blog is pimping other great blogs. Do bring the fair back!

  6. Oh thank you for the linky love! We are having so much fun writing craftastrophes and we’re glad you’re enjoying it!

  7. Great idea Miss… just when I”m getting caught up on my reader… yeah, right, like that’s ever gonna happen!


  8. Oooh cool! Thanks for giving me a stand πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to go check out some of these *new to me* links! Woot!

    And yes, bring it back!

    I love you and your awesomeness

  9. I love this new street thingie you’re doing. I think it could catch on!

  10. Oh yeah, I almost forgot…

    *gives you a BIG SQUEEZY HUG!!*

  11. I have 2 different pics up there… weirdness

  12. Aw, you are too sweet! Thank you, Miss.

  13. I, too, am loving the new Craftastrophe blog. People have serious issues to make that crap.

  14. Really cool idea.. love it..and the header too.. πŸ™‚

  15. Why aint this circus freak in yo’ carnival?

  16. and you’re in MY “awww” stand. Thanks love.

    and heck yeah keep doing this. I love it. puffy sparkly heart love.

  17. yeah yeah.. thinks you’re awesome. I may come back to this here street fair as long as you keep away the clowns.

  18. OMG! How did I miss this? Thank you so much! You are so sweet. I LOVE your blog, and I’m so flattered to find this today πŸ™‚ Thank you.


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