Posted by: justmiss | November 5, 2008

web too point oh

Having limited access to my computer tonight makes it really hard to write for NaBloPoMo.

Which is why my Crackberry has come to the rescue.

I would never say my laptop is becoming obsolete because the crackberry browser is shiiiit. Plus? Its fucking hard to write using these little tiny keys to put together a post. I’m used to 140 chars and I’m done. This shit is rediculous.
So yes, I’m officially out my fucking mind. Please tell me that you’ve done something more rediculous when it comes to technology and/or your blogging obsessions. Help me feel not so pathetic.



  1. I drive in my car two buildings over to catch wireless signal when my net goes down. I steal from whoever is slutty enough to not password protect their shit.

  2. I’m sure blogging from the browser of a crappy mobile phone while connected to gmail has to score on that list.

  3. I love technology, I have a crackberry AND an iPhone just to make sure I’m covered.

    Go get a Mac first of all. Yes, it costs more, but it’s so worth it.

    Then soothe your romance with technology with this Jem from Kip Dynamite.

    I Love Technology

  4. nope!!!!
    Doing a huge post from the IPhone HAS to be worse than using the Crapberry!!!
    What can I say… I was inspired… 😉

  5. BTW… come pimp my blog!!!!

  6. Oh the things I could do with a crackberry. Need one.

  7. I loves my iPhone. Can’t. Live. Without.

  8. I’ve TOTALLY eeked in a blog post via hubby’s Crackberry…while he wasn’t looking… in the car…out of town…10 minutes before midnight.

    I need help.

  9. I barhop with my crackberry. I win.
    cvcrackberry criackberryi

  10. It is SUCH a good thing that I don’t have one of those babies. I’d be pushing strollers in to traffic accidentally with new tweets and all.

  11. At least you have a crackberry. I just got a fancy lil’ phone, with a browser that may or MAY NOT (mostly NOT) work.

    c’mon over & see me. I got a lil’ something for you.

  12. As you know I love my Crackberry! I twitter from it. I mplurk from it. I even Super Poke on Facebook on it. But, I have yet to use it to post.


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