Posted by: justmiss | November 3, 2008

Spread Love Like Violence

If I had my own world
I’d love it for all that’s inside it
There’d be no more wars, death or riots
There’d be no more police, packed parking lots,
Guns, bombs sounding off

November 4th marks an epic day in the history of our country. I cannot remember an election that has meant more to me personally than this one. I feel that our country is in such a rut, that any change will be good for us.

I don’t talk about politics here. I’m voting for Obama which, given my personality, I would assume would have been obvious. I have my reasons, as does every person who will be visiting the polls tomorrow does. I don’t think I need to get into them here and I’m just far too busy to start a war with any Rebulicans right now. I’m not all hatin’ on McCain supporters and I’m not in the business of changing anyone’s mind. I mean, its too late for that now. I just hope that when you do go vote tomorrow, you believe 100% that your choice is the right one. That’s enough for me.

I believe in Obama. I believe that he can help this country in ways we cant even imagine yet. I’m very hopeful for change, hopeful for a better time. I have to be. This life is not just about me anymore. My son deserves a better country than what we have now. I cant give him that. But I can help us get there by voting.

If I had my own world
I’d show you the life that’s inside it
The way that it glows when you find it
The way it survives with it’s families,
Friends or it’s enemies

Let me feel you, carry you higher
Watch our words spread hope like fire
Secret crowds rise up and gather
Hear your voices sing back louder

*This song to me describes the hope that Obama gives me. I hope you enjoy it. And happy voting!



  1. I’m crossing everything I have that’s crossable.

  2. Seriously, I’m not even American and I’m totally on board.

  3. It’s all about hope. I haven’t voted YET, but I’m leaving early so I can stand in the longest line in the history of long lines and make a difference.

  4. So…you didn’t write me in on the ballot?


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