Posted by: justmiss | October 17, 2008

The one where I go to Jury Duty

California supposedly has this new law for jury service which is One Day/One Trial. This basically means that you show up for your One Day. You sit in a room with lots of random people and you wait. They call “panels” throughout the day and if you get called, you go to a court room for selection. If you don’t get called for selection, you have served your One Day. If you do, this starts your One Trial. Get it? Got it? Good.

The Jury Room – In Numbers

Number of people talking to one another – 1 small row of 4 women

Number of people with headphones in* – 6

Number of people asleep – 8

Number of people with laptops* – 4

Number of people using the computers in here – 3

Number of people texting and or playing with their phone* -4

Number of people reading actual books – 14 (this number shocks me)

Number of people staring off into space – 6

Number of really creepy guys standing in the middle of the room looking at everyone – 1 (go away dude)

Number of people grading papers – 1

Number of guys who were looking over my shoulder at my laptop and then taking it upon themselves to talk Dodgers with me for 20 minutes – 1

Number of jury panels I’ve been skipped for -3 (by the time I got called, the number was up to 5)

Number of creepy people sitting in the corner staring at everyone and leaning over to see more people – 1 (uhh me)

Number of guys I’ve seen wearing Chucks, making me jealous and wishing I hadn’t worn boots -3

Number of people with hats on – 2 (really nice business attire guys)

Number of cute court clerks – 0 (I KNOW)

Number of times I saw one of the ugly clerks check out the little cute asian girl clerk – 1 (WHILE he was talking to everyone at the podium, she walked by. Dude, you need tact lessons)

Number of tastee-freez shirts – 1 (awesome shirt bro)

Number of times I rolled my eyes – countless

Number of tweets I’ve sent/made today – 13 (its early still)

Number of books I bought at lunch – 3

Number of hours to go – 2, maybe 3.

Number of people who offered to buy me lunch – 1 (of COURSE it was someone at work. I think he did it because he knew I was stuck here. ASS)

Number of chest pains – 1 (right now. Oww)

Number of guys wearing a suit but having a mohawk and LOTS of tattoos, particularly one that is on his NECK – 1 (Corporate man FAIL)

Number of times I thought I was sneaking in my phone when in fact phones are allowed here – 1

Number of times I felt stupid – 1 (Phones with cameras aren’t allowed in all the OTHER courts I’ve been to)

Number of people who have fallen asleep while I was writing this post – 3

Number of people who fell asleep READING this post – Dunno, lots probably.

Number of times I cursed myself for being a good citizen – 103 wait no…. 107

Number of guys who have ears like mine – 1 (We will not be making babies dude. Sorry)

Number of times cute, kinda scruffy, collar wearing, book reading cutie wearing Chucks caught me looking at him – 1 (so far)(I think he’s gay, for serious. I mean, hello!)

Number of times I’ve silently thanked Jim for telling me I could bring my beloved laptop with me – Probably about a million

The (*) are things that apply to me BTW.

Quiet Observations

No matter how much I tried to “ugly” myself up today, there are a lot of people worse off then me. Geez… mirrors come standard in most bathrooms right?

Cramming 18 people in an elevator. Not a good time actually.

I’m learning that I have a severe problem with men’s footwear. Especially fancy footwear. Paired with socks. Which ok, what else are you going to wear them with? I DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT. It just looks awkward.

I had really hoped there would be more eye candy here. Good thing I have the internet and a hot guy on my iPod.

I really don’t think that jury selection is done at random. Because I see no crack heads here. Ooooh wait. Crack heads drive without licenses and don’t vote (Hopefully. Gawd)

DOOD! Crazy random guy who’s been standing in the middle of the room all day is STILL standing there. I wonder if he’s waiting for a computer. Either way, creepsville.

It’s only MY luck that I get called for a panel a half hour before my One Day was supposed to be over.

I wrote this on Wednesday while I was waiting for the day to be over. I did get selected for a panel and as of right now (Thursday night) I am still waiting to see if I am going to be on this jury or not. So I’m going on Day 3 of jury duty.

To be continued…



  1. Oh I love this. Very clever, and I bet it kept you busy!

  2. I don’t really understand the system whereby 1 day becomes 3, but with a lappy and people watching, it might be better than going to work. Kind of. Anyway, you made it fun for me. πŸ™‚

  3. I can’t imagine how boared you must be by now – can the liven up the party with chips and beer?

  4. My inner dork (which takes up 99.8% of me) is sooo jealous that you have jury duty. Everyone else gets called, but not me. I guess they don’t put crazy people in the jury pool.

  5. That sucks. I hope I have better luck with my One Day/One Trial rule here in the other sunshine state. I have a summons for Wednesday….. Major child abduction/murder case on the horizon too. Yikes!

  6. I’ve never been called for JD, so I get to live vicariously through you and HM.

  7. But, what books did you buy?

  8. Stick with me and you’ll go places (with your laptop) πŸ˜‰

  9. Oooh, I hope it’s a super exciting trial!

  10. Well, the day could have been worse. You could have been sans lappy, cell phone and ear buds!

  11. you were way more productive with your jury duty day. I spent it with my nose in a book or glaring at the fools trying to talk their way out of it.

  12. Psht. When I had jury duty, I fell asleep curled up in a chair and only woke up when it was time for lunch. Then the last cast settled out of court, so no jury time. I was hoping to be able to vote somebody GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!

  13. Were you surprised at the reading number because it was so high or so low?

    I have been called twice to be on juries and have never gotten further than that front room they make everything sit in all day long.

    Jury pools are ripe for prime people watching, which makes me wonder…who’s watching me?

  14. I feel the same way totally about men’s footwear. If it’s not kicks of some kind – any kind – I’m just not down.

  15. See.. I want to know what books you purchased too.. wtf? I can know about non making baby dudes ears .. lol

    PS.. Jury Duty sucks…

  16. I’ve never had jury duty…hmm maybe I somehow skipped under the radar. Of course, now I’ll have to go…

    Too bad I’m sick *cough cough* and I hear jury duty can send a woman into labor…which could be messy…

  17. Ugh, I’m so sorry. I was also called in for jury 45 minutes before dismissal years ago 😦

    These thoughts totally had me cracking up though!

    p.s. I so get the men’s shoes and socks thing.
    For me, starting IV’s with needles and dealing with blood? I’m fine.

    Men’s dress shoes with black socks (especially with shorts)? *Gags*

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