Posted by: justmiss | October 8, 2008

Please! Don’t act like you didn’t know…

I’m random.

And I’ve heard that I’m “so, so weird” but that was a compliment coming from Maria.

Aren’t those two lines the perfect segue to a post filled with bullets?

That’s what I thought.

  • So the hamster, in her new pimpin cage? Driving me fucking nuts. Seriously. She NEVER ran in her wheel thingy in the old cage. Now? It’s like she’s training for a fucking marathon. Runs every single night/early morning. Like in the hours between 2 and 4 am early. When she is feeling particularly bitchy, she runs in it about an hour before my alarm goes off. How does she KNOW?? And why, WHY does she poop in there? Too motivated to stop running and go potty? Biatch. One thing though, she’s getting mega strong. Like Hulk Hamster strong.

  • The kid asked me to buy him a game for the computer. He wanted the second grade version of some Leapfrog type game, which they didn’t have. The only alternative was a 1st-3rd grade game that was similar. And also $30 bucks. And mommy already had her two awesome winter sweaters in her cart. Which were also $30 bucks. Hmmm… mom gets two new sweaters or kid gets educational game that hogs mommy’s laptop… Well… We settled on Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Which was on clearance for $4 bucks. Carjacking is ok at 7 years old. DON’T JUDGE ME. I’m teaching him right from wrong here.
  • The future of this country scares the shit out of me. Did you know that stupid people get to vote? We are fucking doomed.
  • But! Its over soon! And then everyone will go back to normal and not give a shit about politics anymore, like they have for the past 8 years! Yippee!!
  • Oh! I totally got my package of bloggy swapping swag. Ashley had me. (well… not yet. I mean, she did pull my name for the swap. But… yea, anyways) She totally hooked it up. Got me some books (yay nerdage), a really fucking sweet bag that has like pouches, which I totally assume are intended for wine bottles and/or multiple beer bottles, some really cool post its, and really awesome Drink Name Tags which say things like “Hello My Name is: Out of your League” and “Hello My Name is: Whatever you want it to be” and “Hello My name is: Wanna fuck” which, come to think of it, means Ash thinks I’m either totally awesome or a total slut. Ehh. Either works. Oh and Embarrassing Prank Envelopes which include an envelope from The Compulsive Masturbation Assistance Group, Sheep Lovers International, and The Low Life Rat Bastards Association. Bwa. (Horrible google searches, BRING IT ON) Last thing that was included was a home made voodoo doll. Which? Ash? This could NOT have come at a better time. I know just the sweet, loving, caring, bitchy bitcherson I could use this on. *muah* I love you long time.
  • Now…. where to get a lock of hair for the voodoo doll….
  • Thank GAWD for full Episode streaming. I always miss Heroes. Ok well, the last two weeks anyways. OK last night, I was totally distracted for good reason. But catching up online is freakin’ sweet.
  • I have to go. I think I’ve allowed NBC enough time to load the episode I’m gonna watch.
  • One more for the road…. *ribbit* (That’s like 7…8 maybe? I’m losing count)


  1. You have him call my boys, and they’ll teach him all the cheats on Vice City. My oldest even knows where the titty bar level is. Not kidding. Wish I was.

  2. Mr Lady’s comment and the ho-beatin’s were exactly why I wouldn’t allow that damn game in my house. For a 28 year old to play. He was too old to learn lessons, see.

    Can you please please mail me a picture of your boobs in the envelope from the compulsive masturbators? I’d like to see exactly how long it took to get across the border and in what condition it’d arrive in 😛

  3. Teach em young. GTA can’t be the worst he’ll get his hands on.

  4. I played Vice City all the way through…..and never found no titty bar level. Have to break it back out. DSL sucks….can’t watch jack on the internet without downloading for an hour….by then I’ve lost interest. Peace, Mike.

  5. LMAO and all that happy bullshit, but, um, why in hell is that hamster GREEN?

  6. OOOH! You *SO* need to comply with ZJ’s request! You know…for scientific reasons.

  7. I’d ask for a picture of your boobs the CMAG envelope, too, but for some reason, you seem to nice like to mail things out to me. (Yeah… I STILL haven’t forgotten about that!)

    $7 is waaaay better than $30. Educational is what schools are for.

  8. bwaahaaahaaahaa

    Your randomness rocks. 😉

  9. I love it … love it … love it … love it! You slay me. Thanks for the Hump Day giggle!

  10. LOVE the bulleted randomness 🙂

    I nearly wet myself when I saw the green hamster!

    And I hear you on the stupid people voting. Totally scares me.

  11. OMFG, we love the randomness that is Miss. You are teh awesome.

    And Vice City?? Really not that bad…. 😀

    I think you made a wise financial decision.

  12. haha the $4 game! That is why we have Pro Bass Challenge. Sadly, in our world carjacking is more useful than fishing skills. Plus I have hook-ups in juvi. He can carjack for a good 10 more years.

  13. Looking cute and teaching life lessons.. girl you have your shit down!!!!

  14. GTA is just fine. Just don;t teach him about the prostitutes to regain health!

  15. Loving your randomness. Is that hamster in heat? Too funny!

  16. I’ve always wanted to make a freaking voodoo doll. Maybe it should be on the list of craft projects I will consider in the future. Heh 🙂

  17. Did you get the new sweaters?

    Always a big fan of your randomness.

  18. I think maybe the titty bar level is in San Andreas. I’ll ask the kids. 🙂

  19. The voodoo doll was actually supposed to be a doll for a little girl…but it came out looking uber scary (which doesn’t say much about my sewing skills)…but eh, yeh. Hehe. And, the drink tags? Because I think you are the awesomeness and lub you. Oooh and those envelopes? Methinks you have someone you know that would um be HILARIOUS should she get one. Just be sure and keep us updated should you anonymously send them to her…for entertainment of course.

    PS – what happens if you give hamsters benadryll?

  20. Well, of course all the stupid people get to vote. How do you think W got to be President in the first place?

    (Low blow? Maybe? If so, sorry, Mr. W.)

  21. So glad that Hammy wasn’t with Richard Gere. 😉

  22. LMAO. I Love the prank envelopes. I say put your bills in them. Let THEM figure out WTF…


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