Posted by: justmiss | October 1, 2008

She keeps inviting me back….

After the last post I wrote, I got a chance to meet the demons head on. I went out on a “date” with Rura. I would hardly call it that.

Let’s just say that the feelings of inadequacy are pretty much gone now. All those unanswered questions have been pretty much answered. I love him, no doubt about that, but moving on is the best damn thing for both of us. We have our own shit to work out right now. I definitely need to get my act together and so does he. I’m pretty sure that we CAN be friends and I’m very sure that I’m ok with that.

I just wanted to clerify the situation and say thanks to all of you that left me comments or sent me emails. Seriously, I love you all. Even those of you who have trouble putting your feelings into words. *cough* I appreciate all of you and especially those of you who cheer me on, day after day.

Moving on….

Guess who asked me to come back to her pad and do a little guest posting?

The one and only VDog! I love this woman. She’s hysterical. And she knows what it means to deal with being so damn good looking 24/7.

So come check out my post. It’s about an escaped convict I have living in my house.

Peace out homies! Much love. *double chest bump**peace sign*



  1. You’ll do fine. I promise.

  2. Hugs honey for realizing that it’s best to move on.

    *double chest bump**peace sign*

  3. So very happy that you found the closure you needed. *HUGS*

  4. Ah, so glad to hear. Sounds like you’ll do a fine job .

    I’m off to read about your escaped convict!

  5. I’m glad that you got closure, and if you can stay friends that’s really cool too. That’s something I never really got with my ex oh-so-many lifetimes ago … which is probably why I think he’d be a stalker if I ever let him friend me on Facebook.

    Paranoid, I know 😉

  6. Wow that must have been hard to do. Cheers to you for having the balls to confront your demons (and not socking him in the head).

  7. I’m happy for you, ’cause you’re all awesome and stuff.

  8. Keep your head up… um… a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… nope… hmmm… it’s only fun and games until… scratch that… don’t cross your eyes or they’ll stay… shit.

    ROCK ON. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  9. Off to check out your post right now!

  10. Well, glad to hear you got some things worked out. Loved your guest post – guess I found my way to that one first!

  11. ah, closure that clever and elusive little bitch. Glad you nailed her!

    Peace out and hugs.

  12. I’m glad you have your answers, and I’m glad you aren’t willing to compromise what makes you happy.

    Besides, I didn’t want to share you with him, anyways.

  13. Closure is key .. sometimes.. but it appears to worked out for you and for that I can say yippeee!!!!

    Off to check out your guest post!! xoxo

  14. You are the most awesome girl EVAH!!!

    Loves to you, my friend. I felt a big blogging hug from you that day!! Heck, most every day I get a virtual hug from you!!

    *fist bump**peace out*


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