Posted by: justmiss | September 15, 2008

For a good time call…

I’ve been making a couple turn around trips to Vegas in the last few months. One good thing about living in Southern California is that Vegas is only 3 hours away.

The city itself is beautiful. Sure its crowded. Yea, its dirty. But you are looking at it wrong if that’s all you see. I got the chance to drive down the strip early in the morning on Saturday. I saw people jogging, girls walking back to their hotels in last nights clothes, couple’s walking to breakfast. The light is the best in the city at that time of day.

This trip I just took meant me meeting a friend that I’ve known for 7 years but never met face to face. She was in town for a wedding and I was not going to pass on the opportunity to meet her for the first time. We had a great time. We ate good food, went shopping (I did not buy it but damn I wish I could have), went to the pool, gambled (I lost. Fuck.) and hit up a strip club.

Being that my first experience’s with strip clubs have been in the last two trips to Vegas I have taken, the women’s clubs are much better. Maybe that’s just me but the male club was more comical. They both are, but watching men dance around in thongs just made me giggle. It was borderline cheesy. There was only one guy that I thought was acceptable, but it was only for his tattoos. Male strippers are so friendly. I found out he was from Orange County, had been a Chippendale’s dancer for 7 years, and that this was his second day at that particular club. The girls are chatty, but the one I met told me to watch my purse because the bitches there steal. Her words, not mine. Being at the men’s club just confirmed that I am a arms/shoulders kinda girl. Of all the places right?

Going to Vegas means you are gonna have a good time. But I really believe that it depends on the company you keep there. I’ve been many times. Mostly with my ex. These last two times have been with people who are my friends. The first trip, unforgettable. The city will never be the same to me. This trip, a good fucking time. I really know what Vegas is about now. Freedom. Fun. Unlimited amounts of alcohol. How can that be a bad thing?

Anyone wanna meet me in Vegas? I can be there in 3 hours.



  1. You know I would so be there, if I could.

  2. Oh Vegas! Gotta love all of the debauchery that is allowed there. When the time is right girl you and I will be making a road trip!

  3. Vegas is pure magic. There truly is so very much to see and do, even aside from drinking and gambling, and I love the spectacle that so much of it is. Just so much fun. Glad you enjoyed, and I wish I was closer!

  4. And Midwest has a direct flight from Milwaukee – I could be there in three myself!

    LOVE Vegas, but am right there with ya on the male stippers!

  5. i have NEVER been to Vegas.
    i know, right?!? 😉

  6. Ah Vegas… I can only say good things about it. “Sometimes you wanna go, where nobody knows your naaaame …”

  7. I looooovvve Vegas. My grandma used to live there, now I have to find another excuse to go. But when I do, I’ll definitely let you know!

  8. Vegas is the one place I NEED to go to next year.. it is on my 2009 plan for sure.. I will hit you up the second I step foot in the desert..

  9. WOW girl! Just catching up on your posts and sounds like you are having more fun than should be legal. Jealousy is my name.

  10. LOL. I’m going next weekend. Meet me at the MGM jello shot bar. I LOVE vegas!

  11. me me me!!!

    I have NEVER been. I honestly don’t have any desire to go, but if you were there and you were single and you were drunk enough….

  12. I’ve never been but would love to go…esp if I got to meet you in person! How fun!! You need to plan your trip for KY…remember?

  13. I learned a long time ago that what happens in Vegas may not stay in Vegas if you give out your email address.

  14. I would LOVE to meet you in Vegas, sweetheart ;).

  15. So what happens in Vegas…?

    Yeah I noticed the same thing about the strip clubs (a few too many bachelorette parties). The male strippers are hilarious and the female strippers are strictly bidness.

    Dude, SO want to go to vegas!

  16. I’d be there in a heartbeat. I love Vegas, and miss living in Southern California because of it.

    I got married at Paris! 🙂

  17. Call me when you need bail!


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