Posted by: justmiss | September 10, 2008

Holy Blogger Weekend Batman – Pt. 2

Anyone ever wondered what happens when a baseball nerd and her kid join up with a Star Wars nerd and his kid? The nerdiness, let me shows you it:

Hello, our children don’t know how to look at the camera. (Believe this was the best out of 4 attempts?)

The day started out with lunch. We found our two friends browsing in Borders Books. In the Star Wars isle. He isn’t kidding about that obsession, at all. Any guesses where we ate? Ahhh yes, the ever faithful Dave & Busters. Can you believe they let us back in there after last time? Me neither. Once Jim unloaded Fury’s toys from his cargo shorts and we got a couple Bud Light Limes, we were good to go. We ate, the kids played games, and we gathered up the toys and headed to the ballpark.

Can you believe that neither Busydad or Fury had ever been to Dodger Stadium? A crime against humanity I tell ya! On the way to the stadium, the kids played DJ with our iPods. Sure, there were a few arguments over what was being played. The best part was when Fury recognized the opening notes to Mamma Mia. He wanted to hear that! Have you ever seen a grown man blush? Well, its quite the site. I assured Jim that its perfectly ok that his son loves ABBA. Yea….

We got to the game during the second inning. I’ll take the blame for that one. Beer goes right through me. Jim was kind enough to find me a McDonalds while cruisin in the Dad Mobile and then we were on our way.

The game was good. The kids were having fun. I brought a nice big bag of candy and it was full of sour Crybaby’s. There was much taste testing and commenting going on. Then my son got out the chewy (?) Jolly Ranchers and it was on. Have you ever smelled a Jolly Rancher that smelled like apartment cabinets? Believe me, that may confuse you right now, but the smell of one of the Jolly Ranchers was the exact same as the smell of apartment cabinets. And that isnt exactly a good thing. Yuck.

So I’m thinking that BD and Fury are kind of like good luck charms. Because my boys in blue beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, 5-3. The kids had a blast. I especially enjoyed explaining the foul lines, and the players positions to Fury, with dad’s help of course. Even my son was chiming in, which just put a tear in this momma’s eye.

Let me tell you, those kids can EAT. They ate at D&B’s then ate again at the game. We are talking pretzel’s, churros, nachos, popcorn, candy… and of course Dodger Dogs for the grown ups. And what’s a baseball game without beer? Whats a blogger meet up without alcohol is the question.

And of course a trip to the gift shop. What would a visit to the ballpark be without a proper trip to the gift shop? I got my brand new Manny t-shirt to add to my collection. He won’t be a Dodger forever, but I’ll appreciate him while he’s with us. I still have yet to see him hit a home run though. Two more games for me this season so my fingers are crossed. I’m pretty lucky to say that I’ve seen Manny play in Boston Red and Dodger Blue this year. I knew it was necessary to get Fury in SOME kind of Dodger Blue even if his roots come from Boston. Sorry kid, you live in LA, you gotta love the Dodgers. We don’t want you turning into an Angel fan or something. Bleh.

What can I say? The kid can rock some hats.

So what happens when two nerdy bloggers and their kids meet up?

They have a pretty damn good time.

Jim, Fury – Thanks for coming to the game. We had fun sharing one of our favorite pastimes with both of you! Next time we’ll go to a Star Wars convention or something.




  1. Nice! So glad you had a good time. I am a baseball fan, too, but I cheer for my Cubbies. πŸ˜‰

  2. I totally just got vertigo from the last picture. I’m gald you guys had such a good time. And that you know, the boys got along. Unlike everytime I hang out with a friend and my kid just wants to beat up hers.

  3. how awesome that you can meet up with bloggy friends!! and ones that have kids around the same age!! lucky you.
    glad you all had fun.

  4. JIMMY!!! Love some Jimmy…Jealous of some Miss!! πŸ™‚

  5. I need a hat like Fury.. that thing is awesome.. and those boys are sooo much cooler than me for sure..

    You guys looked like you had a GREAT flipping time.. I am sooo jealous you two got to hang out…

  6. Gah… bitch.

  7. That was indeed a blast! And my post will suck compared to yours. But I shall attempt one soon. Thanks for a fun-filled and surprisingly whine/strife/fisticuffs-free afternoon! Just a warning, I WILL be dressed as Boba Fett at the Star Wars convention.

  8. Sounds like you had quite the great weekend! I just found a Brewers’ Mr. Potato Head I think I, uh, I mean, my kids need.

    Maybe the have a Dodgers one?

  9. *JEALOUS*!!!!

  10. Jealousy on so many levels – Not only those mentioned above, but um, can we say Kansas City Royals? Yeah. Thought not.

  11. seething with jealousy babe.

  12. NERDS.

    Hah. Okay that’s me reacting with jealousy. I want to meet you both but can’t trick either of you to move to KY. GAW. I mean, here BD could grow grass and you…you could come chill out and hang with me (you can too BD). *sigh*

    Love ya, and love the pics. Kinda sad none are way too embarassing though. πŸ˜‰

  13. Miss, I have BEEN TO A STAR WARS CONVENTION. And a Star Trek convention. And by “a”, I mean every one that came through town for about 5 years.

    Don’t even SAY you’ll go to one. They can hear you.

  14. I am totally not into baseball………………but as you know….there’s just something about Los Angeles that makes me want say…..GO PADRES!
    Can you guess where “I” live? Hehe. Peace, Mike.

  15. Okay….okay! So the Dodgers are in 1st place and the Padres are in last………………Peace, Mike.

  16. Looks like you all had a fabulous time! I’ve never been to Dodgers stadium either…at least I have an excuse of living FAR, FAR away!

  17. LOVE the hat pic!!! Too cute!

  18. Wow you guys made baseball look fun! Ok maybe it was the adorable little men and all that talk about candy, but hell maybe I’ll have to take in a game one of these days. Might as well since I pass Dodger Stadium all the damn time.

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