Posted by: justmiss | September 8, 2008

Holy Blogger Weekend Batman – Pt. 1

or more appropriately… I got to meet Red Lotus Mama!

or even…. The day I got my first parking ticket!

I made the drive out to meet RLM for some mexican food and margaritas. Turns out, we killed 3 hours just talking. And talking. And venting. And just all around contemplating life.

At first, once I got off the freeway, I totally thought I was lost. I did mapquest the restaurant but I didn’t write down the mileage and I always over analyze and worry about getting lost and being late. Once I found the street it was on, I had to find parking. Gah. Right to the right of the restaurant was a spot. I freakin passed it. I hadn’t realized that the restaurant was right there so I just kept right on driving. I ended up circling the block and ended up on the opposite side of the restaurant. Parking FAIL.

After lunch, I went to my car, and wow, my meter had expired. It had probably been no more than 5 minutes but yea, I had a really pretty blue ticket for $30 bucks on my windshield. Motherfuckers. It was totally worth it to get a double parking FAIL in one day though.

Meeting RLM was just fantastic. She is JUST as beautiful as her pictures. You know how sometimes people are just good at editing themselves? Well she doesn’t have to. She’s gorgeous.

The margarita’s were disappointing, but the conversation was just like I thought it would be. We had absolutely no problem finding something to talk about. I am absolutely head over heels for this woman and I am SO thankful she only lives about 2 hours away from me. (In California, 2 hours is NOTHING.)

I can’t wait to hang out again girl! Thanks for a great lunch!

I would like to state that RLM is not that short, I was wearing heels. 😉

Coming soon…. Holy Blogger Weekend Batman Pt. 2… it’s a ‘busy’ tale….



  1. “Damn all these beautiful girls
    They only wanna do your dirt
    They’ll have you suicidal, suicidal
    When they say it’s over”

    I don’t know….I just thought of that song when I saw this pic!

    Very hot ladies….tweeeeeetwoooooooo 😉

  2. Bwahaha. Okay, so she’s not short. I’m glad you both had such a good time.

  3. You all are so cute, and I’m glad you had good times. Meeting up with online friends in real life can be really cool. I commented the same over at RLM’s, but you can get right to the good stuff without all the introductory crap. And that rocks.

  4. Lucky you, both gorgeouses!!! Glad that you got on so well.. but it probably was not even on your mind that you wouldn’t.

    Sorry the margaritas stunk though. You’ll have to do it again and get better drinks ;).

  5. Hawt. So glad you guys met up to talk and vent, how fun!

    What. No pictures of the heels? 😉

  6. Awesome. There IS blogging life in SoCal! Parking FAIL. HAHAHAHA! Sorry…

  7. Let me just state (AGAIN) how jealous I am. I am blinded by the hotness.

    I’da been screwed with the parking. I cannot parallel park. Not ‘cannot’ as in “I’m really bad at it”… ‘cannot’ as in “I don’t know how”. So you have me beat.

  8. Man, 2 of my favorite ladies! When we meet, nobody is allowed to wear heels…except for me. And, maybe HD.

  9. *jealous*

  10. Love you, Miss! It was so incredible meeting you IRL and I can’t wait for us to hang out again.

    BTW … I am totally short (5’2″)! I was wearing raised flip flops. You can call me petite (so much better than short!)

  11. so jealous AGAIN.. And lend me your boobs..just for a night?? Hotness you are..


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