Posted by: justmiss | August 27, 2008

On my mind…

Seems I owe some people a lap dance… You’ll have to settle for a pole, at least until I can get you all properly liquored up. Then it’s lap dance and body shot time! *insert dancing banana here*

Jim, the force is strong with you.

Did all your adolescent fantasies just come rushing back to you? Good. Work with that.

I actually saw gold bikini’s for sale at the mall last week. They were hanging up with metallic magenta bikinis. I was in a department store. I mean, for the love of… I just do not understand anyone who would willingly buy one of those and wear it to the beach. Costumes? Sure! Sexual fantasy fulfillment? I’m all in. Everything else? Pass.

Thinking about….

…. A blogger road trip? FUCK TO THE YEA. We would need someone with good map reading skillz, shot glasses, preferably someone with, or who can drive an RV, fishing poles, a stripper pole, lots of advil, passports (Canada, just in case duh), and a map of any and all available liquor stores in the USofA. Get a move on people, start pooling your resources.

…food. I’m freakin hungry. And I want to read Breaking Dawn. Badly.

…this being pretty fucking hilarious… and spot on:

…how I will be going to a family BBQ on Sunday, and every single person will ask me where he is, how he’s doing, just like my mom did last night. I couldn’t bare to tell her the truth and I don’t know if I will be able to tell the family either. Not yet. Not for my reasons.

… how much I hate to feel weak. Like I fucked up another relationship, when I know it really wasn’t my fault. Sure, I can spin it so that he looks bad, but part of me knows that he doesn’t deserve to be disrespected like that. My family wont push me or judge me, but they will talk about me when I leave. That’s just the way we roll. Dysfunctional, remember?

…how I feel a little bit sad right about now.

… chocolate.

… and my

… how now, I don’t feel so sad because my heart is smiling again. Froggies do that, dontcha know? Especially when one becomes a prince.

…the right way to end this post.




  1. K, first off, a friend wanted to get Isobel that teeshirt and JDawg totally wanted it. I said she could wear it if she also got to wear ‘daddy drinks because I cry.” He changed his tune, after that.

    You are not weak.

    ROAD TRIP. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (insert rock on dude)

  2. Ya’ know? Sometimes “Just Miss” is the best way to go… That way, the next time somebody else’s name gets added to the mix, they end up being a supporting character to your star and not the other way around.

    Too Dr. Phil?

    Yeah, I thought so. Ignore me.

    Love the new place! You’ve done wonders with it. 🙂

  3. *hugs* Tell your parents he ran off and joined the circus. He left you for a hairy midget…who was a man. Then, change the subject. They won’t know what to think.

    Love ya babe.

  4. Dude you do not know dysfunctional family until you meet mine..

    We need the road trip to happen..

  5. You’re so. so. weird. I love it.

    My kids had ‘now that i’m safe, i’m pro-choice’. 😀

  6. A bloggy road trip would rock!

  7. I hope your road trip includes a stop in the Midwest to kidnap your favorite MI blogger. (Uh… that’d be me.)

    If anyone wants to know where ‘he’ is or what ‘he’ is doing, tell them to ask him.

  8. Not weak, more like strong enough to know that you need more than to just settle.
    I like Amy’s advice re: he, BTW.

    And road trip – whoo-eee!

  9. I need to end posts with *shrug*. Best. Ending. Eva.

    And who said those were adolescent fantasies? You think I go to star wars conventions for the action figures? (well, yes, I do, but still. shut up.)

  10. *hugs*

  11. What the eff is wrong with me?! How could I let your posts linger so long in my reader that I just found you again NOW???!!! I’m sorry, my dear.

  12. OK – WHERE do I buy one of those onesies?


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