Posted by: justmiss | August 21, 2008

Cooking with Miss

I don’t cook often, but when I do, I take pictures of it.

On the Menu: Drumsticks and Mac and Cheese (I’m all about nutrition here)

Getting started:

Kid’s got his juice, and mommy has hers.

The chicken needs to be baked with something on it right? *shrug*

I’ll just melt this butter here…. what about spices?

I dont know what any of these are. Can you tell they aren’t used in this house?

Melted butter and Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. Shit goes with everything.

Pour mixture on chicken.

Do not ask me why that bottom drumstick looks like it has a vagina on it. A really awful vagina. Vagina chicken.

Cook. 30 minutes @ 400 degrees. 30 minutes? Nice…

Break time!

Yes, I was lighting my smokes with that.

Break time is over (boo) and its time to make the box Mac N Cheese.

I cant make this stuff with my eyes closed.

Chicken time!

Oh yea, I made that potholder. Potholder WIN.

Should we use these to eat? Authentic WIN.


JD? Goood.
Mac N Cheese? Goooood.
Chicken? Is it supposed to be pink inside?

And this has been… cooking with Miss.

I don’t know what happened. Usually I can cook chicken. I guess that if you don’t cook for a while, it shows. Jim, ZJ… sorry if I made you guys cry a little bit. I told you both that I suck at cooking.



  1. At least your spices have labels on them. Mine are a big shit mix of nameless mystery spices that I have to smell, taste and guess over.

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL … I love it. I *hate* cooking. Its not that I can’t. I just choose not to. I think it has something to do with handling raw meat. I am the master of mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese, quesadillas, and eggs.

    Oh yeah … I TOTALLY agree with you on the Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. That stuff rocks my world. My mom swears by Lawry’s Steak Rub … and the woman does cook a mean steak!

  3. Oh, babe. Send me your address and I’ll send you something that will guarantee that doesn’t happen to chicken again.

  4. Ooops. Once in awhile, though, my chicken will be a little pinkish though fully cooked. I rely on a meat thermometer and even bought one that beeps at me when it’s at 165F. Then I cook just a bit longer because I’m paranoid. 😉

  5. Miss you need a little intervention. I just picked you to star in an upcoming episode of “Wok On”

  6. Bwa ha ha ha! I freaking LOVE Cooking with Miss. I used to cook EXACTLY like that. Then I married a man who was raised in a house where everything was made from scratch. He expects his food to not only be edible, but also to taste good. Banquet frozen salisbury steaks don’t cut it (man, I miss those).
    You’ll figure it out someday. It’s not hard, it just takes time.

  7. I can never cook bone-in chicken all the way through. I always buy the boneless skinless breast and probably overcook them a little. I’m a freak about raw meat, will puke thinking about it.

    Good try though.

  8. An E for effort. That really did look good. Should have just poked some holes in the chicken and popped it back in the oven a bit longer. Maybe another 15-20 and you’d have been good.

  9. Good luck with everything, I’m sure you’ll pull through it although it will probably take some time.

    I like the new spot. Good luck witht he whole going it alone thing. You’ll be fine.

  10. I feel for ya, babe – I cook the same way. I second Hockeyman, but I’da nuked it a bit to take the pink out. :O)

  11. Umm….sorry? Try 375 for an hour next time. In a bag.

  12. But this was fun, until the pink chicken.

    And chicken vagina? That had me in tears!

  13. WTF brand is that mac? It’s not Kraft, and it’s not Stater’s. Dont tell me you shop Ranch Market. I will slap you silly, bitch.

  14. Oh my!

    This looks alot like the chicken I cook. After undercooking it hundreds of times, you’d think I’d catch on.

  15. pink chicken? FAIL.

    too funny.

  16. Ha…. just like cooking with me. LOL.

    I left for a week and had to re-find everyone on their new blogs. 😉 You guys are playing hard to get.

  17. ooh that made me giggle. Chuck it in the microwave. That is what I do.

    Then order pizza.

  18. You cook chicken just like I do! In other words, you throw crap on it and hope it turns out well. That’s my strategy anyway. I’m also a terrible cook, and spices in my house consist of garlic powder and I think we have salt somewhere?

  19. Vagina chicken..
    i cant..
    that is fucking hysterical.. hahahaha

  20. Microwave. yep. lol 🙂

  21. Not a fail at all.. You know why? You used Trader Joe’s Mac n Cheese, yo!


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