Posted by: justmiss | July 30, 2008

Just shut up already!

I realized something last week.

I talk way to damn much. When I think I have something interesting to say, I talk. And talk. And talk, talk, talk, and I don’t let the people with me get a word in. I sit down with a friend and the flood gates open. Especially if the person doesn’t really know me.

You know there are friends who you are getting to know and then there are friends who know you? They know all your bullshit so you really just kick back and talk about the weather? (ok not really the weather per say, but you know what I mean) Well I really realized I had this problem. Because I kept sitting there, word vomit flowing from my mouth, my brain screaming at me to SHUT UP ALREADY, and I couldn’t stop. There were times when I was out of breath!

Add alcohol to the equation??

I sat, in a crowded, small space, and yelled (or so I was told) “I’m dysfunctional!!”. It sounded like a whisper to me, I swear. Of course this was only afterΒ  I had just described my family. Both sides. Explaining the complexity of my family, both sides!, all at once made me realize that I am dysfunctional. And I felt the need to supposedly scream that out. It doesn’t help to be in the company of an intimidatingly good looking, smart, way out of my league, person. The combination of that, alcohol, and nicotine (which, HELLO head rush) is what must have caused me to become so obnoxious.

I do it online too. Instant messages, plurk, whatever. I respond and respond and dont stop and then its just silence. Oh shit, I bored them all to death. Am no longer cute and witty, but annoying.

Maybe its nerves. Or maybe I am really just THAT socially challenged. Damn you, never ending awkward phase!!!



  1. On a trip to find some of my newly found favorite snack, Pirate’s Booty, I walked into a Tropical Smoothie and yelled, “I’m just here for the Booty!”

    Yeah… Subtle.

  2. HEHEHEHE. I am SOOO the same way. I will talk until I can’t stand the sound of my voice. ABOUT NOTHING. Damn, i have to move to Cali. We could chat each other to death.

  3. But….I um……well……who…….wha…….shit…….oh……dammit wold you pipe down for a second? πŸ˜‰ Just kidding, it is your blog but you kept stepping on my thoughts!

  4. OMG, I tell new people that I meet my life’s story and I swear, I see their eyes glass over….

    Girl, we should talk LOL!

  5. I feel that way myself sometimes, too. I either talk way too much or I just sit there and stare at other people while they talk, my head turning back and forth like I’m watching a tennis match. I have never, ever thought “wow, I spoke the right amount”. (Does anyone say that?)

    For the record, I don’t think you talk too much. But I’ve never been around you when you’re drinking. We should remedy that situation.

    And uh… who’s Mr. Smart Good-Looking Way Out of Your League?

  6. That would be awesome if we could go out one night. We would talk well into the night…. I talk way too much and way too loud and I hate my voice.

    It would be a lovely night.

  7. Well, you can talk my ear off any time … or, if you let me get a word in there I would talk your ear off. Sometimes it dawns on me that I talk too much about myself that people start to tune me out or just walk away. Also, my husband is a talker so I rarely talk about me. This insecurity has actually caused me to get quite shy, but if someone pays a little bit of attention to me they better be prepared to get an earful! So when we do go to a Dodger game together or do our mani/pedi date we better plan a full day so we can both get ample time to chat chat chat chat chat chat chat!

  8. No one is out of your league. And I’ve also hated the sound of my own voice and wondered if I’m as good a friend to others as they are to me. I never have a good answer for that.

  9. Oh my lands I talk way too much too, especially to people I don’t know all that well. Awkward silence = death, and plus I am from the chattiest family on the planet.

    You are not dysfunctional! Ok maybe you are but like so is everybody so don’t worry about it. And who, by god, is out of your league anyway? I mean puh-leeze.

  10. Tell you what, next time we make it out to Dave and Busters, you talk, I drink. You’d be amazed at my ability to listen to dysfunctional talk when I have a 24 oz. mug of beer in my hand. And I’m only halfway good looking and semi-smart.

  11. Seriously, I don’t remember coming here and writing that on your blog.

    Sorry about that. Cause I know it is all about me. All day. All channels. All the time.


  12. we are twins.

    i’m just saying.

  13. Lol. I’m not a typically verbose person… but give me enough alcohol and I’ll talk the pants of anyone…. sometimes literally. lol

    and FWIW, you never bore me. πŸ™‚

  14. Oh my gosh, how I can relate!! I’ve actually gotten *much* better, but if you didn’t know how I was, I’d still look pretty, um, chatty. I vote all of us go out for drinks and chat it up. πŸ™‚

  15. I’m kind of the opposite, but only in public situations (work and such). When I’m one-on-one with someone I know well, good luck shutting me up. I also talk when there are silences that I think might be awkward, to try to dissuade them from being awkward. I know. I hate it, too.

  16. Yeah, I’m more of a talker when inebriated, but honestly, we’ll make a good couple in the trailer park cuz I’m more of a listener. And we could talk about our dysfunctional familes πŸ™‚

    And damn. Plurk would not be the same without your energy…and I guarantee it’s the same in real life too.


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