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There’s been a shift. I can’t pinpoint if its a shift in the blogosphere, or just an overall shift in my life in general. I think it’s safe to say that its a fair mixture of both areas.

As far as the blogosphere is concerned, many are still riding the high of BlogHer. In the months leading up to BlogHer, I was really serious about going. Not so much for the conference, but to meet some amazing bloggers that I have been dying to meet. Turned out that the only way I was able to go, was on a stick. Thanks to Maria, I traveled around a little bit. If you happened to be there and saw a stick with this pic on it:

then you had the pleasure of meeting me. It was sooo nice to meet you too. As you might know, misery loves company and I didn’t mind going as much because a lot of my other friends couldn’t make it either. We would plurk, drink, and feel sorry for ourselves. There was even discussion with a friend about making a video based on the “we didn’t make it to BlogHer but we can still drink” concept. Until his wife gave him a free pass to San Francisco. (Which, BTW, is totally awesome. I wish I had a cool wife who let me do things like that, and a kick ass sis who would babysit for me too.)(I have neither.) So as Jim was getting ready to fly off into the sunset (literally), I made a few small requests that he bring back a little bit of BlogHer for me. I hear that he did do such a thing, but I haven’t seen what that is just yet. He also rang me up in the midst of a party and let me talk to some girls that I love so much. That conversaton was 99 parts awesome and 1 part sadness. But I knew BlogHer would be ending soon and all the kids would go back home and return to their normal lives. Oh how quickly I forget BlogHer fall out. The week leading up, everyone is talking about it. The weekend of, their blogs are quiet. The week after? It’s all about how much fun was had. I can easily say that I am DAMN sick of hearing about it. But that would make me a bitch. And a liar. Because I am enjoying the videos, the photos, and the stories. The hardest part of all of this? It’s that shift I am talking about.

I have made some pretty close friends these past few months, for which I am so grateful. There are people I trust and who I believe trust me and I love them and hope to have babies for all of them someday. But now that BlogHer is over?? This is going to come out nothing but selfish and I guess I’m ok with that. Being a non-BlogHer gal, I feel so out of the loop. This explosion of love and “new” friendships, and much more respect and adoration amongst those that attended is being crammed in my face. Twitter, blogs, plurk, all of it. I guess I just feel a little jaded that it takes a conference in a big city to make people feel close to one another. That now that they have met, they are so much closer to one another than they could ever be with me. I can understand that. Meeting someone and sharing an experience IS life changing. No doubt. But we blog our thoughts, our hardships, our good times, and bad. We forge friendships through social networking and we feel secure knowing that there are people out there who care about what happens to us. With this new influx of love and friendships coming from BlogHer, I cant help but feel that some of what we forge online is just a false sense of security, that because we never met, we can’t possibly be that close to one another. Oh well. It is what it is. For those who did attend BlogHer, I am happy for you and insanely jealous. But I’m already saving for next year. I wont be there for the networking, I’ll be there for the body shots and the opportunity to say hi and give you a big ole’ knock down hug when I see you.

Now changes IRL have been happening too. I don’t really want to write about it. Lets just say that a certain girl told a certain boy that she was not coming back to his house until he directly asked her to. She shared that she was tired of chasing him and that she was tired of not feeling wanted. She continued with her week and has since not called him or sent him any of her regular messages (unless it was returning a call or txt, I have manners people). She is willing to guess that he has slipped happily into a place where he is probably thrilled to not feel obligated to call. She and he both refuse to address the current situation at this time. Girl is slightly wondering if she should feel more upset by all of this, but is more focused on going out and getting something new to wear for drinks tonight. Call it avoidance if you must, girl just feels at this present time that she will NOT let this get to her.

Priorities, they are a changin’.

Girl would also like to mention that she has been feeling a little wanted this past week. And you know what? It’s kinda pretty nice. Or so she says…



  1. I love you, and although I can’t wait to meet you, I still feel incredibly edibly close to you. 😀

    BlogHer, next year. Stripper poles and all. Oh wait. Something like that.

    Love ya

  2. Me? Totally want you. BlogHer or not.

  3. First … you are HAWT!

    Second … I feel your “pain”. I wanted to go this year too, but finances just wouldn’t allow it. I wanted to meet all of those incredible bloggers I lust after. I wanted to network like a crazy lady. I wanted to learn more about how to make my blog better. I wanted to have a badge on my blog that said I was going to BlogHer ’08. But, I didn’t. What happened instead … I met a bunch of really cool ass chicks on Plurk! So, watch out BlogHer ’09 and bloggers I covet ‘cuz RLM will be there fo’ sho’!

    Third … did “girl” ever hear from “boy” last night? If not, fuck it. Go out and have a blast tonight drinking some drinkies (no draft beer), chatting it up and shakin’ your rump!

  4. I’m going to have to agree with the other ladies and say that you are one smokin’ lady 🙂

    Also, I was not even AWARE of BlogHer until the aftermath starting coming about. I’m kind of always out of the loop, I guess. Either way, all I can say is that I’m suuuuuuuuuuuuuper jealous of everyone that got to go! *grumble, mumble*

    And hey, sometimes people just need some time apart to figure out what their priorities are, yeah? Yeah! No worries, lady.

  5. um..thoughts on this.

    yes, there are people who i met at blogher and have now formed much closer friendships with…aka…my roommates, from the mere fact that we were able to spend SO much time together. it’s like camp…one day = a good few months.

    but, there were people i barely got to see! a hug here. a picture here! a “ohmygod hi!” and that’s about it. with those people, i’m so much closer in an ONLINE friendship. it was a hustle and bustley conference and it was too hard to get to hang out with everyone.

    take ohmommy for example. i love her to DEATH. but saw her for exactly 2.2 minutes. that makes me sad. and jealous of the people who got more time with her…but i know that we are friends. we are friends online. and that’s good too.

    so, while, yes, some relationship have gone to a new level…but some have stayed the same! don’t feel out of the loop!

  6. Wait – if that video involves beer or Dave & Busters in any way, who says we still can’t do it?? (probably the managers who now HATE our kids. Oh well I think there’s one in Orange and/or Ontario).

  7. BlogHer Schmogger, I’m jealous of anyone going anywhere. We have no flippin’ vacation planned for this year and I’m going stircraaaaaazy.

    You gots some sexxxxy picture there, wooohooo.

    Smart move on your part with the not calling the boy. Boy needs to know you won’t always be beckoning and calling. And he’s a damn fool if he don’t realize that.

  8. Yeah, I’m all bummed about not being part of the post BlogHer lovefest too, but I’m guessing the internets will be humming along as per the usual in a few more weeks. I’m sure it was the same way after last year’s conference, too, except that I was too much of a newbie to notice.

    Anyway, you’re are so totally hawt, girlfriend! And I’m with Skiplovey – I think you are doing the absolutely right thing with the man.

  9. Aww Miss…I didn’t go either and probably won’t next year. But so what, I had more fun plurking with you the whole time. AND, now I can’t hear a song from the 90’s without thinking of you! 😉

  10. Sometimes, I just want to make out withhug you.

    I’m jealous of that whole “OMG… these people are my new BFFs!” BlogHer mentality that’s going around. I hope I can go somewhere (BlogHer or other) someday and have that type of experience.

  11. WHEN we meet, I’m SO gonna be hugging you tightly to smoosh up on those boobies. Oh, Mama.

    Like you, I’ve really been trying to put it out of my head that our girls (and boys) had 1-on-1 contact and have a bond now, but I’m looking ahead to next year.

    Loves to you!

  12. Awe. I just read what Ali wrote.

    I freaking love that chick. It is true. I saw her for like 2 minutes.

    Seriously. We just sat around and talked about missing you guys. It was rather sad.

  13. Oh Miss, I was sad that, like you, I was only able to attend on a stick. But then I guess it was cool to get some air time in Maria’s bed, and at some parties, I’ll take what I can get.

    I’ve also felt similar happy/disappointed moments when I read all the recaps and see all the pictures.

    But the one thing I’m really happy about is getting to “know” you a little better since, having drowned my “I’m not going to Blogher” plurks with you, and visiting your blog. I know that at BlogHer ’09 I’ll have a friend to meet, a real friend.

    And you are such a lovely, lovely lady. You deserve better. Let him miss you.

  14. Wow..I really couldn’t have said it any better myself, babe! The in-your-faceness of BlogHer is really hard to ignore and it sucks at the same time as it’s awesome.

    But you know what? The friendships I’ve made with you and many others through our blogs and social networking are unbreakable. I’ve bared my heart and soul with a handful of you and THAT is going to be the reason we’re friends forever, even if we don’t meet face-to-face. (Before the trailer park, that is)

    Us getting together will include drunken hugs and bum bumps, cute drunk photos and hangover city but we’ll always have *this*.

  15. Being so new to the blogging world I had no idea what to expect from BlogHer, but I have to agree with what Ali said.. some people you met for like a second and that was it..

    This was the best nonblogher blogher post i have read yet. and we really did sit around wishing all the blogging buddies we have made online through every social media platform out there was able to be there with us..

    but do not be disenchanted, what you are doing online, making is totally real.

  16. Nice! You went to BlogHer on a stick that’s hilarious.

    Sounds like you have a little power struggle on your hands with the guy. Usually when it boils down to that point, it’s real hard to reconcile. You may be better off just walking away.

  17. You are gorgeous. The rest…I can relate. Sometimes it’s too much pressure, all this social networking. I deflect even the temptation to Twitter or Plurk (but OH it is hard because I deeply desire the connections) because I don’t think my parenting could withstand any more distractions. I don’t multi-task as well as the rest of you.


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