Posted by: justmiss | June 30, 2008

I’d rather live my life on the Z-list, than be a bitch

*Blows the dust off her blog*

I really need to get someone in here once in awhile to blow the cobwebs out of here.


eDrama round the ‘sphere is always good for a laugh. Hurting people for your own enjoyment is never very nice though. I mean, I can laugh at the bigger picture all day long. That being the whole A-List to Z-List aspect and thought process of some people around the blogosphere.

Don’t try to convince me it doesn’t exist. Because it does. When a fuckin bitch of a blogger openly insults another blogger, that’s elitist. And I hate elitist. When one blogger has no qualms about calling another blogger “parasitic”, that shit is fucked up and unnecessary. Why say anything? And on a very public place like Twitter? That’s all for attention. 100% attention. The reason she got the attention she is craving is because she is a “popular” blogger. Dooce like status in some circles, or so I hear.

The most hilarious part? Both bloggers involved have the exact same number of followers on twitter. This probably means their blog followers are equal too. This cracks me up.

To me, a bitch is a bitch is a bitch.

I can be a real bitch. A mean fuckin bitch. An awesome bitch too.

But to be a bitch, just to inflict pain on someone that has done NOTHING TO YOU, just because you think you can? That’s bitch on a whole new level.

Don’t be like that kids. It’s not nice. At all. It will not earn you respect. You will LOOSE respect from people that you probably don’t even give a shit about in the first place. That’s the sad thing. But that is the reality of blogging right?

1000 people can adore you. 100 people can leave comments on your blog. Doesn’t mean you give a shit about 1 of them. Even though, chances are, you like at least 1. But not all. I can promise you that.

Now me? I follow about 20 people on Twitter. About 20 follow me. Same for Plurk. 21 friends. My average amount of comments? About 15 on a good post. I’m ok with this. The people who come here, well I think they are pretty fucking swell. The people I plurk, well, lets just say I’d like to see them ALL naked. Ha.

So leave my ass on the Z-List. I’m joined by some pretty awesome people.

I know one who’s neighbors steal her plants.

I know one who wont link to me, but I love her ass anyways.

I know one hot chick that battles bullies, broken bones, and boys daily.

I know one who is an international blogger, who’s blog is banned in China, and who also informed me that MINE is too. (Would you expect any less from either of us?)

I know one who LURVES hot dogs and the Packers of all teams. Lucky for her, she always looks hot.

I know one who might be Y-List, because she has way more class in her pinky than I do in my whole body. But her classy status does NOT define her, she is so much more.

I know one that I plan on getting old with, living in our trailer park, playing cards and drinking wine till we die a happy death.

I know one that is just FULL of opinions, although some people would call those opinions something else. But she is fucking awesome. And crass. And beautiful. People dont like that. I do. The Z-List does.

I know one that struggles, that survives, that makes me laugh with her spin on life. She’s just that good.

I know one that is just gorgeous, her eyebrows in her header lay that right out there. She is funny and creative and is *gasp* a woman with a BRAIN. All Z-Listers ARE.

I know one that is definetly not perfect, but DAMN good enough.

I know one that is willing to talk me off a ledge on the most random of days, not more than a week after we started plurking.

Believe me, this is not another form of being elite. It’s just a real fuckin honest way of saying that if you are

not scared to say hello, to put yourself out there, to be REAL, and to communicate with people who are willing to do the same, then you are so ready for the Z-List. You dont need a special pass to get in, and you sure dont need more than 100 commentors either.

Just be real. Don’t be scared of life, of other bloggers LAME ASS, rude opinions of you, and embrace the people that are supportive of you. And I dont mean comments on your blog. I mean emails, messangers, phone calls, text messages, plurks, twitters (if you like FAILURE) or whatever it is that keeps you connected.

Cuz thats how the Z-List rolls. And we roll deep. You’ve been warned.



  1. Hell’s yeah! Z-listed and lovin’ it!!

  2. WOOOOO! We need a nice badge. We need to subpoena a button for our blogs from Judith! I’d put that shit on my blog!

  3. I like blogs that don’t link to me, and somehow, I manage to sleep at night.

    I also don’t get the bloggers who get too big for their britches, it seems to go in cycles. Apparently it’s “in” again right now.

    I still read the people who have read me for a long time, and I like it that way. Sure I’m a little bit of a stat whore, because who doesn’t love all that love in return, but I think the fun of blogging is the 2-way relationship, not acting like you rock and everyone else sucks. How is that fun???

    I’ll be on your Z-list too!

  4. Ohhh, that was awesome Missalcious!!

    And thanks for declaring our retirement plans to the world ❤

  5. I think we need to make a button, don’t you? Something tiny and unreadable that says something like “I’m on the Z’List and the kids are way cooler here.”

    Thanks for the loves, you made me smile at 1:30am!

  6. DAYUM – I got called the FUCK out. Going to update my roll now…

    And I’ll proudly display my Z-list badge proudly.

  7. Z is a way cooler letter than A. It has more zig zags in it. And I bet if China were to ban one letter, it would be Z.


  8. I’m so out of it that I have no idea what you’re talking about except vaguely I know twitter.


    can you still have love for a troglodyte?

  9. Im on the X list but not because Im two steps better than you it’s because I got my big break in the blogosphere when I posted almost naked pictures of myself. Oh, and I was 9 months pregnant at the time.

  10. I’m with skiplovey. But my name starts with Z. Does that count?

  11. Dude, I”ll make a badge for you.

  12. Yes! I got linked! Woot! Do you see how proud I am (this like never happens to me). I love you and you can see me naked any day 😉 Proud to be on the Z list 🙂 Love ya, girl!

  13. I so wanted to make this post, but I’m glad you did instead, ’cause you said it WAY better than I could. If being “A-list” means hurting people just because you can, I’d rather not blog at all.

  14. The Y list…. omg I am so in freaking love with it. Love it. Can’t wait to get home an resume my normal life. UGH to visiting my parents.

  15. Z-listers unite!

    And personally, I copy other people’s shit all the time. I’ll admit it. I’ll blame my ADD and the fact that it keeps my mind too busy to come up with an original thought.

  16. this might be my most favorite post ever. seriously. you, my friend, are so fucking awesome.

    i’m proud to be a z-list blogger 😉

  17. Happy to see that I made your Z-list sister! I think we need to have a Z-list Badge to post on our blogs! Kudos to you for this post!


  18. I’m so out of it because I don’t twitter. Seriously, WtF is going on? BTW I’m giving you a creativity award, cause I dig you.

  19. Still being relatively new to the blog world, I can’t totally weigh in on all of this, but my first thoughts were, “wow, this is kind of like high school”.

    I thought people just put up their opinions and articles and what-not and other people read them. I didn’t realize there were cliques and reasons other than just putting your name out there as a writer or getting something off your chest to have a blog. Humor-blogs, Twitter, etc have actually creative a competitive vibe in all of this. It’s weird, but I guess it is what it is.

  20. Big wet kisses to YOU.

    This kinda cheered me up.

  21. I would like to be on the list that has the most rum, please. Would that be the R list, or the M list, maybe for Malibu? I’ll bring my own caffeine free Pepsi to the list, I swear. If you give me enough advanced notice, I could even bring brownies to the list.

    Buying people’s love with food and liquor since 1992,

    Amy @

  22. Way late as it seems I always am- I just recently entered the “e-limelight” by joining AllTop {I don’t know how the hell I made that list, honestly}, and I can truthfully say- it ain’t that exciting. Nothing wrong with the Z List, in my opinion, I’ve always enjoyed being there myself. {I don’t think I’m on the “A List” now at all.} I just don’t have other rocking passionate Z Listers to “embrace”- because I forget to do stuff, like comment. 😐

    But I have definitely been loved by awesome people!

  23. I’d take being on any list; as long as I’m taken 😉

    Great post, Miss; you’re right on it!


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