Posted by: justmiss | June 22, 2008

Classy Chaos Challenge #1

There are soooo many photo challenges on the web these days. Foto Friday, Wordless Wednesday, and I’m sure a whole lot more that I don’t do. I tried the 365 project with Rura but that shit ended faster than it started.

But every once in awhile, a really funny, sexy, and classy blogger comes along. And she makes a photo challenge. That I just HAVE to participate in. Because if I can up my classy status just a little bit, then I am totally IN. Because participating in the Classy Chaos Challenge will most definitely make me a little classy by association right? Right??!

Don’t answer that. CCC#1 was to take a picture looking down at the top of my kids head. He has a really big head. A big head on a skinny body. And big ears. But I love every inch of that head and that skinny body…. so I really don’t mind.

Classy Chaos Challenge #1

Wow… I can almost feel my classy points raising.

I love to think outside the box. Thanks HO, for giving me a challenge.



  1. Ooh! Love the picture! Glad you posted… and glad I was up at 2:00am to be the first to see it!

  2. ooooh, i LOVE the colours.

  3. Who you calling HO? LOL. I love the colors in the movement in this picture. Look at you Miss Artsy. It is framed beautifully!

  4. We’ve already realized that we aren’t classy. But classy by association maybe. BRING your ass to San Fran on Friday night and we’ll all be classy together! Me, you, HO, Kimmylyn – it’ll be heavenly!

  5. Oh and wait wait wait – I love that picture. The colors are great!

  6. Beauuuuuutiful! I love it. What a great pic!

  7. That picture is really, really, really good.

  8. Hey you’re back! Where you been?

    Too cute btw!

  9. Awesome placement. The ripples almost seem like they are moving within the photo . . . fantastic detail.

  10. Great shot, Miss! I love the colours, your boy has cute ears, really he does

  11. I just happened upon this and I think it is a fabulous picture!

  12. LOVE that shot, awesome!

    Maria sent me. Come to BlogHer, we will party.

  13. Man you should have seen the size of my head and ears when I was that age. Don’t worry the body will catch up before you know it and he’ll be towering over you. Nice picture by the way.


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