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I spent the majority of my day yesterday in the ER. The ambulance came at the request of my cousin to take my Grandma to the hospital. She was having horrible pain in her legs and back and was having a lot of trouble walking. Throughout the course of the last few weeks, she has been falling down more and more, her legs collapsing under the weight of her own body. She can’t walk up the stairs to her room and can’t climb into the shower.

Her blood pressure was also extremely high. Whatever medication she was taking for it was not working. So the whole clan heads to the hospital to wait and see what is going on. We were there for about 5 hours but it seemed like it was forever. The ER gave her an MRI and medication to control her pain.

The MRI came back around 3:30 and the doctor explained what was wrong. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in association with Osteoarthritis. Wha? Basically her spine is deteriorating and has been for a while. Her normal doc never did and MRI and always said it was just arthritis. She never really complained of pain and I suspect that she just lived with it. The ER doc explained that it is happening down the majority of her spinal column. Surgery is not an option given her age and the severity of the surgery that would be necessary.

The only thing they can do is manager her pain and send her to rehab. She’s gonna be a pill popper. She’ll like that. The rehab center that they transferred her to last night is going to give her physical therapy so that she can learn to use a walker and how to fall if she feels herself going down, to prevent more serious injury.

Some of our family went to see her today and she got’s her hair did and all that. I told my cousin to pack her some nice threads in case she picks me up a grandpa while she is in rehab. I hope he’s rich and kidless.

She’s in really great spirits and was in a good enough mood to nag at my dad about her going to the ER being the only way he will come see her. He told her to suck it up and get out of there so that they could go to Vegas. Ahh my family.

I’m heading over to her rehab after work to visit. She wants me to bring SBJ because she said that she “really really misses him”. We’ll go see her tomorrow after he gets off of school.

Because of this I may have to move in with her and my cousin to help care for her at night. We are still discussing this option. I don’t mind being there part time if necessary. Plus it’s closer to work for me which is always a good thing. I guess it’s just a waiting game now.

Thank Jeebus that my cousin is here from Iowa. She leaves Monday but there is no way her sis (who lives with my grandma) would have been able to handle what went down yesterday.

*le sigh* I’ll be sure to drop an update once I know more. If anyone can just send some positive vibes, good thoughts, or prayers our way, I would appreciate it!



  1. Sendin’ good vibes, thoughts, feelings and prayers towards your Grandmommy, including ones that she picks up a hot Pappy at the rehab place.

    PEE ESS: I’ve missed you!

  2. A pill popping grandma… that image is wonderful. Sending hugs to you and the grandma and hope everything will be okay. It is amazing that she has lived through the pain… you have one tuff grandma. 🙂

  3. From a different angle I just want to tell you how lucky you are to have a grandmother that you are even worried about. This means she is a fabulous person who has had a great influence in your life. You are a lucky, lucky girl.

    I will be thinking of your g’ma in her recovery…

  4. I will send my best vibes (and they don’t have that far to travel!). But having family like you around who obviously care so much for her tells me that she won’t really need too many extra vibes.

  5. Your family sounds hilarious.

    My grandma had a really bad accident on her lawn mower last year. She was in the hospital for a long time. The first thing she did when they let her go home (after she could get up and about) was mow the lawn with the same riding lawn mower. Old people are tough.

    Sending your grandma lots of “don’t fall down” vibes and good thoughts.

  6. Your grandma sounds awesome and spirited. Stay strong, girl…

  7. Wow she sure sounds tough. It’s a good thing then that she went to the ER so they could find out about the spine.

    Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way. Hope the new situation works out for you guys and your Grandma is able to be up and about.

  8. Sending many positive thoughts and good vibes, Miss!! Your grandmother sure sounds like a trooper…an amazing woman. You too!

  9. You and grandma stay strong!

  10. Sending warm thoughts.

  11. OH no! I’m sorry about your Grandma.

    At least you can sound like a badass when you tell people you’re going to visit her in “rehab.”


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