Posted by: justmiss | March 25, 2008

Here’s some funny

Since I am seriously busy AND lacking in creativity, here are some funnies for you.


I dont see the problem…


Fuck that.


I only wish I was that cool.


How did no one think of this sooner?


So wrong… but so, so funny.


I fuckin’ knew it.


And I thought we only had to worry about the flying stingrays


That is SO true.


About damn time…

By far the best….


Fucking Douchebags

Thank you! Be sure to tip your waitress!



  1. That fro-hat is uber classy. LOL.

    Thanks for the funnies. Had to come check out YOUR blog to see if you have any profanity. Phew! You made my day. 😉

  2. The last pic…HAH!

    I fear a world with no burritos.

    The fro hat is awful.

    I’m going to have nightmares thanks to that damn clown train.


  3. Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh at all the stupidity.

  4. I love those!!

  5. Ha! Love it!

    And you!

  6. Very funny, but damn that clown is creepy!

  7. hysterical!

  8. I despise clowns. That picture = nightmares.

  9. Four popped collars? Oh man, I hope that guy got his ass kicked when he went out that night.

  10. I’m definitely going for the free candy and staying far, far away from the clown train! I wonder if I could convince Christian to do a fro hat… That’s kinda hot.

  11. My fav is the Envy one. How effing creepy…yet unbelievably laughable.

  12. Damn, all I could manage was 3 popped collars before my circulation got cut off. They had to cut the polos off me with the jaws of life. This guy is just too badass! Thanks for the morning laugh. Off to work on my Fro Hat.

  13. Gotta go with envy…for a number of reasons

  14. LMAO! I’m stealing all of these and using them as a picture screensaver.


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