Posted by: justmiss | December 10, 2007

89 Years Young

Lots of important stuff happened in 1918, at least according to Wikipedia.

  •  The Council of Lithuania adopts the Act of Independence of Lithuania. declaring Lithuania’s independence from the Russian Empire. I didn’t know that Rima!
  • The U.S Congress establishes time zones and approves Daylight savings time.
  • The “Spanish Flu” becomes pandemic (no CLUE what that means) and over 25 million people die in 6 months. Thats not so great. 
  • The Boston Red Sox beat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. They won’t win again until 2004. 
  • There is a lot going on with World War 1. A lot. 

All that is interesting and all, but on December 9, 1918 my beautiful grandma was born. She went on to NOT catch the Spanish Flu, to come to the U.S. and begin a family. That family includes my mom, her witchy sister, and her big brother. During their life together, that witchy sister would burn their house down playing with matches, they would own a pet monkey, and all of her kids would go on to marry, have kids, some divorce, a ultimately a whole lot of love. She would loose her husband and a short time later, gain a drop dead gorgeous grand-daughter. Her third, but her cutest. 

Like you didn’t know it was going to be me! She has always said that I was a gift from my grandpa. My parents tried for years to have me and never succeeded. Until my grandpa passed away. She said I was a miracle from him. Now she has 3 great grand kids and is 89 years young. 4 generations alive and going strong.

May 2005

 December 2007
  Please ignore the spare tire I am carrying around. Anyways, my Grandma is pretty kick ass. She drinks beers with me, makes a MEAN carne con chili, and has no problem saying whats on her mind. I guess at 89, you really don’t have to care what people think.

Happy Birthday Grandma B!



  1. Happy Birthday to Grandma B! She seems like an awesome lady.

    And, wow, a Lithuanian factoid on your blog! Now that’s something I never thought I’d see.

  2. Happy birthday to your Grandma!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your g’ma! I’d love to come have a beer with you two!

  4. What a cool grandma. I wish I had one.

  5. Ahem, I happen to be Lithuanian also. Lithuanian/Irish but Lithuanian none the less. Where’s the love? ; )

    Happy Birthday to your Grandma. 89 that’s awesome!

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