Posted by: justmiss | December 5, 2007

This is WAR bitch!

So I’m dealing with someone at the place I go to for 8 hours a day (cough) who is being MAJORLY passive aggressive. I mean, seriously. And all over something completely STUPID: a box of folders. Empty folders.

Before I got to the place I go to for 8 hours a day, I guess my desk was used for people to just put random stuff. Like boxes of folders. For the first few months, I had at least 3 boxes of empty folders on my desk that she would have to access maybe once a week. MAYBE. I’ve been doing some cleaning and have gotten rid of a lot of stuff that didn’t really need to be on my desk. Including those fucking folders.

I hated when she would come and hover over me while she got the number of folders she needed. I am one of those people who hates when other people look over their shoulders when I am at the computer. It gets on my nerves. She did it whenever she had to come into my cube and get those damn folders.

So last week I moved them. To the supply closet. Which is located about 10 steps away from our desks. It opened up some space that I needed to use for MY stuff. I mean, that’s reasonable right? My desk, my space? Yea, I thought so too.

The very next day, my stuff is shoved aside and what is in their place? Those fucking folders. She. Put. Them. Back.

*cue internal screaming* This person ALREADY rides my nerves throughout the day and this? Icing on the cake.

So I put them RIGHT BACK in that damn closet. And I filled that space up with a basket full of work packets that I need to review. The basket looks much nicer up in my cabinet instead of crowding my desk. Much nicer. Cleaner. MORE PROFESSIONAL.

So she wants to play the passive aggressive bitch game? I invented that fucking game. She has no idea who she is fucking with.

A day goes by and guess what? The folders are back. But this time they are on my filing cabinet. Of course that’s the first thing I see when I get to work because she is too scared to do that while I am actually sitting at my desk. Since she gets in an hour before me, she can make all her little moves then.

Ahhh shit, its on now.

This time, I let the damn folders sit there for a day. Make her think she won. Yea, I don’t loose. I just don’t. Especially not over a fucking box of folders.

So back they go to the closet. With a little note stuck on them:

Supplies, such as folders ets., belong in the supply closet. Thank you!!

I even made a happy face out of the two exclamation points. Yes I did! I told you I invented this game. And in their place on my filing cabinet? A big ass plant.

I just walked over to the closet to take a picture of the note because it was really sweet, and it was there. Before I could snap the picture with my phone, she walked over to the area so I closed the closet and left. I don’t want to look like a psycho taking pictures over our little war. She might think I’m as crazy as she is. Once she sat down though, I walked right back over there and guess whats missing?? My fucking note!! Biyatch took it.

Your move ya crazy bitch.

Clearly I am in the right here. What sane individual is going to argue that MY desk is not HER supply area? I am so good, that if she does make an issue out of it, I can spin the situation so that not only do I look like I am right, but she will look completely INSANE for making a big deal out of it. That’s how I roll. Fo Sho.

Don’t worry, I will keep you updated.

UPDATE!!! Right as I hit publish, this crazy chick comes walking up and ASKS our boss if she can keep the folders on her desk, so that she “doesn’t have to be walking back and forth to the closet all day, as much as she makes new folders”. Of course my boss says yes. Does this mean I won? What a wimp, she barely even gave me a challenge!

BTW, I totally enjoyed my little blogging break. But I’m back. Not every day of course. Are you insane? I know I can be!



  1. Damn, if only you had gotten the picture of your note. You could have posted it here.

    That site was designed for crazy bitches like us you.

  2. Seriously I wouldn’t even mess with you. Did she have any idea who she was going up against? Well she does now!

  3. You are a crazy bitch. Just like me. Put the folders on her desk. Better yet, put the folders and a box of pens just to confuse her.

  4. Hahahaha!!! I could totally work with you, I’m a note writer myself. Actually, I kinda make “Post It Masterpieces”. Undercover snark… it’s fun. I’d say you won, just be careful she doesn’t attack your plant or something. :/

  5. Ha!!!!! I say you won. Why the hell didn’t she just put the damn folders on her desk in the first place!?

  6. I think you still won. But dude, remind me never to put my box of file folders on your blog.

  7. Fantastic! I think I’d have just hidden the folders somewhere she wouldn’t look for them, and then act all innocent when she asked for them. 😀

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  10. hiya. i’m new to your blog and love what i read so far. i went directly to this post because it had ‘fuck you TOO! in it. what a laugh this (true) story is. i work with a chick just like this and she’s like 55…sickening assholes.


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