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I was going to name this post “up this ass” because I wrote a nice long post about something I am truely interested in and wordpress ate it. Ate it up. Gave it to me straight up the ass with no lube.

Then I thought it would be a good idea instead of a real post, to just put up some pictures. Because people do that all the time and get away with it and I thought, why not me? Then I thought that since some of those pictures might be of SBJ, a post titled “up the ass” would be so not appropriate. Now I just thought that I never really AM appropriate so what the fuck do I care? And then I just thought that I should just stop thinking and post some damn pictures already and why am I still fucking typing?

Ok. On to the pictures. From Disneyland.

Bwahaha we are making the same face.

All the orange and white is mini pumkins. The magic of Disney people.

Waiting for his favorite ride. (It’s the haunted mansion decorated for Halloween for you non-Disneyland addicts)

Thats my daddy back there, looking up. And looking pasty.

I totally heart Disneyland during the Holidays.

Holy crap I have so many more pics…. time to start getting selective.


I absolutely love all the small details that can be found around the park.

I was yelling at him to make him move out of my shot and he was laughing at me and this is what I got. I love that kid. The shot he “ruined” can be seen here. The rest of my pics from that day are there too.

We LOVE Cars. These two ride around the park during the day.

Not at Disneyland. When I dropped off Rura at his house this morning, I noticed this lavender rose in the flower bed next to his driveway.

That purple flower wound its way UP the rose bush. If you go to flickr and look at the large size, you can see it.

Well thats it. This short picture post took me two hours.





  1. You are purdier than them flowers!

  2. I thought wordpress ate a post of mine once (I love how that sounds like I been doing this for a long time “me and wordpress…we’re old pals”.) It took me hours to figure out I had clicked “saved” instead of “publish”. Did you know wordpress saves your posts at the beginning…like it was the first thing you ever wrote. Maybe that’s where wordpress hid yours. And pretty pretty pictures. Always acceptable. (PS..I find it amusing that wordpress spell check insists “wordpress” is not a real word.)(Am all into parenthesis today.)

  3. Wow!! I admit, I’ve never wanted to get closer to Disney than watching the movies. But this kinda makes me want to go… :/ Gorgeous pictures!!!

  4. He is so cute and you are totally not fat!

    Them’s some quality pictures, lube or no lube.

  5. Hey sex-ay momma! Great pictures! Cute kid! Nice pasty dad! I am a HUGE fan of pasty people, you know… since I am one.

    I have never been to a Disney Theme Park. My life just is not complete.

  6. Too too cute! Your kid is adorable. and what a ham! Nice pics.

  7. OMG.

    I freakin’ hate when WP eats up my shit…or worse…when it lets me write and write and write and then…decides there’s an error and it can’t publish.

    That’s my favorite kind of hell.

  8. And P.S. You are too dang cute!

    P.S.S. Word Press just gave me this error when I tried to post this second comment: You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    Thanks hon, should I chew my steak a little longer too? Asshat.

  9. Great pictures. SBJ is a cutie.

  10. Great pics! Makes me wonder how similar/dissimilar Disneyland and Disney World are. I love going (to DW), but have to admit that the cleanliness and super-cheerfulness creep me out a bit…


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