Posted by: justmiss | September 28, 2007


Wow… heavy week huh? Between posting about my grandma, my abuse, and that angsty letter to myself, its been a bit dark around here this week.

But hey! It’s Friday! I could get into how I hate the weekends because I have to see my ex but I wont. Because its Friday. Friday means pay day for me. And getting cash money is ALWAYS a good thing!

OMG did my boss just really say “What the dickens?” LMAO

I went to Subway for lunch today and I saw the weirdest fucking thing. I live in California so there are freaks everywhere, but this was really weird. This is what was staring me in the face when I went to order my turkey sandwich:


It’s called a nape piercing. As in, the nape of your neck. WHY? Why????? I would feel obligated to always have my hair up and OMG what if I was brushing my hair and my comb hit it? Or what if… what if your hair got tangled in it? I have curlies at the nape of my neck that would totally wrap themselves around something like that.

The thing is, I could tell what kind of girls these bitches were. Total 100% Daddy’s girls. First off, they were dressed for the gym. They were pretty tore up, so I am assuming they had just come from it. I mean, what better to maintain their size 0 figures then going to Subway and getting sandwiches FULL of crap and CHEESE, and BREAD. Like totally watching my calories! They had really cute expensive purses and one of them drove a brand new Nissan Altima. That thing had nice ass shiny expensive rims on it too. I mean, for fucks sake, it was 12:00 in the afternoon and I knew that these two bobsey twins were not on a lunch break. Probably went home and sat on the couch to watch TIVO’ed episodes of The Hills or something. Get some jobs bitches! Fuck.

I hate working. I so want to be a Daddy’s girl. Or something like that.

Like Rima, I’m going to host my own little informal poll. So answer me this – How many of you blog on the weekends? If you come here often, you know I’m not a big weekend poster. But I want to start something and as of right now, its just an idea in my head. It may involve me just giving something out on a certain weekend day, or possibly having other people give these things out too on that certain day. I don’t know yet.  Have I confused you yet? If not, go back and read that again. And answer my question! Love you!



  1. I blog on the weekends even though I maybe get 60 hits. If I have nothing then I post a video or a meme or something. I figure, thats 60 people who came looking for something from me, and it isnt like Im not getting any hits, so why not?

  2. I blog on the weekends, and holidays too… Wow. Is that sad?? 😥

    Even as a fan of piercings I could NEVER get that one done, it just makes no sense. My curly hair would rip that right out… :/

  3. I blog on weekends occasionally. If I’m bored or have something to say. But usually it’s just because I’m bored. I don’t stress about posting on weekends, though because stats are a lot lower. I’m a numbers whore.

    Nape piercing? WTF! I’ma pierce my armpit.

  4. First of all, the nape rings are kind of disturbing. It’s the kind of thing that’s just begging to be ripped out, like you said when combing your hair, or maybe during a quick outfit change.

    I like to read blogs on the weekends, but I don’t post much on the weekends. If I do, it’s usually link love or pictures or something like that.

  5. This post made my neck hurt.

    I usually don’t blog on weekends, because that is when I work while hubby watched the baby. I live in an ass backwards world.

  6. I sometimes compose blog entries in my head on the weekend but usually don’t post. As a matter of fact, more often I find myself thinking in blog-speak. And to answer your thought about “what better to maintain their size 0 figures then going to Subway and getting sandwiches FULL of crap and CHEESE, and BREAD” they will eat, then go home and puke it up then sit around talking about how fat they are.

  7. That picture is totally hilarious/ridiculous. Blehhhh so gross. I can picture that scene in Subway just perfectly. What is it with California?

    As for blogging on the weekends, I’m usually MIA, hopefully unless we’re cooped up for the weekend, then I’m all over the internet…


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