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Imagine opening the door to these?

Growing up, I used to love to dress up for Halloween. I don’t remember it being cold and I think I would have seeing as my dad always had me dress up as a Denver Bronco’s Cheerleader. (and he wonders why I am a Raider fan now) As I got older, I was a french maid for a couple of  years and the last real costume I remember wearing was that of a renaissance girl. Corset, big skirts, flower crown and all. My boobs looked huge that year. I believe I was a senior the last time I really dressed up for Halloween. The Halloween following, I was pregnant and for the first time, wore some kitty cat ears and called it a costume. Those ears and a pair of devil horns have been my costumes every year since. No, I take that back. I had bunny ears one year too. I had that whole “playboy bunny” thing in my head but sweat pants paired with those ears really didn’t cut it. Plus walking around with a miniature spongebob or biker or whatever costume SBJ chose that year really didn’t sell that image.

But guess what kind of options are available for our youth these days?? Ladies, lock up your girls!

whore boots

My favorite thing about this are the boots. Who doesn’t need 8 inch platforms when trick or  treating?


Great thing is, you can wear these shoes year round! Auntie Em would be so proud!


Hat, stethoscope, candy-striped dress, apron and petticoat included! Sorry girls, you’ll have to ask mommy if you can borrow her stripper shoes!


Mommy I want to be Paris Hilton for Halloween!!

no words

*rolling on the floor laughing my ass off* If you want to go for the complete dumb-ass outfit, here’s the perfect choice!

Don’t these give you something to look forward to? I seriously found ALL of these in the “teen” section of a costume website. I cant wait to send my future daughter out on the streets in one of these costumes. Instead of candy, she’ll bring home wrinkled $20’s and stains not even a dry cleaner would touch.

During my browsing, I did manage to find the costumes Rura and I will be sporting to my family’s Halloween dinner party this year.


Handcuffs are not included. Good thing we have our own.

I actually wouldn’t mind sporting this:


Do you think $49.99 is too much for something that will be laying in a heap on the floor after about 20 minutes? Oh and seriously, boots stay ON or OFF?

In case anyone was wondering, I am not the only one getting blog stalked and noticing. Mystery solved? They may not want to sensor us, but they sure are watching what we are up to!! I can only hope that monitoring my blog teaches Big Brother a thing or two about the fine state the blogging community really is.



  1. It’s sad those are in the teen section. Last year, I saw a costume with a similar bodice to the first one, but it had a shorter skirt (I think it was called a ‘Vampiress or something) in a size 10-12 at Meijer. It was a GIRL’S 10-12, not a Junior or an Adult. That’s just wrong. Might as well write “Child Predator Target” on the back with glow in the dark paint.

  2. Paris…jailbird….hahahaha. Now she just needs a bible and spiritual advisor disguised as a purse dog.

  3. The price is right. You dont want something cheap, believe me. You might also go to Fun Corner over on E street I think in San B. They have a whole hell of a lot of costumes.

  4. What is it about Halloween that gives us free reign to dress slutty? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it too (although mine were tame compared to these and I was 23), but since when is it ok for it to be so blatant and kid-targeted? I’m glad I have a boy…

  5. 1) Does that Dorothy outfit come in a size 6 petite?

    2) That outfit is perfect for you and Rura.

    3) Boots on!

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