Posted by: justmiss | August 21, 2007

driving me to drink

I swear, the things that come out of this kids mouth crack me up. He is almost done with his first month of 1st grade and let me tell you, I have such a grown up in the house now. It seems like yesterday he was finishing up his first week of Kindergarten and now this? He hangs his book bag up on the hook and not on the Kinder table. He has to wait in a LONG lunch line, and not go to the front with the kinders. Shoot, as a 1st grader, he even gets a bigger playground! Movin on up…

After I picked him up from soccer practice he was telling me about his day. He is your typical 6 year old boy. Scraped knees and all. He started explaining that he scraped his knee open again today.

He says, “Mom look at my knee! I opened it up just a little again.” “Well how did you do that?” “I…” uncontrollable giggles start here… “I…hahaha” “I was playing…hehehe” “I was playing tetherball and” loud audible gasps are escaping from his body as he is trying his hardest to stop laughing. “And I stopped the ball… with my FACE!” Managing to get this out, he startes rolling with laughter. To a first grader, this is totally helarious. I asked him “well then how did you scrap your knee?” To which he replies, “I fell down BOOM! and landed on the blacktop. Thats how I scraped my knee. Cool huh?”

I think my eyes almost rolled out of my head. But it was pretty funny. I just cant incourage stopping a tetherball with his face quite yet. We’ll save that one for 2nd grade.



  1. Actually that is pretty fucking funny. Id of laughed, though its all inappropriate n shit, since you have to be the authority.


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